Thursday, April 26, 2007

I return ...

Greetings, all. I expect that posting will begin to return to somewhat of a regular schedule.

I see that in my absence the world did not spin off its axis, and indeed, a number of things occurred to prove that there is indeed a mysterious rhythm to what happens here. Some would call it fate. Me? I like Providence.

You know, I am a simple creature. Baseball, hot dogs, America, God, I believe in these things. I can't figure out mysteries too very deep.

For instance, why did God make the Democrats so wicked and unintelligent at the same time? This cruel coincidence defies all notions of logic and fairness. The ways of the Almighty are indeed mysterious. Lo, the physical appearance of most female Demo politicians is a mystery greater than the Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster (D-Scotland).

Where am I going with this? Well, I see (as I know you have) that Harry Reid and Co. have passed their "timetable" bill that is certain to be vetoed. This gives the President another opportunity to blast them. He won't, but most people will notice that the Demos remain where they have been for the last 40 years -- on the wrong side of national security issues. National security will remain the issue in the coming months and years. The jihadis will see to that.

Worse than what the Demos did today, they'll soon have to come groveling back and send a bill that appropriates money for the war effort without strings. It's another punch in the nose from an Adminstration that has refused to fight. It's almost like the Demos are running into it.

I am not complaining.

The Bush Administration has failed mightily in explaining our mission and purpose in Iraq. I have long thought that there were much larger things at play in Iraq, as many of you do. (For an excellent analysis of what is at stake in the ongoing surge, check out Wretchard's recent post on the subject). My frustration over the Administration's unwillingness and/or inability to explain the stakes has increased over the months, and now years.

But table the Administration's communication problem for a while, for the Demos have allowed the debate to be framed as this: Do we surrender or not? Given this choice, Americans will side with the President. Nothing like framing the debate in the terms most favorable to the opposition. Mind you, the President hasn't even been able to state his position clearly. No need now.

Thank you, very much.

Why do good things happen to Republicans when they are a bunch of sniveling, tassle-loafered wienies? But heck with Republicans ... More fundamentally, why is God good to America ... still?

It's mysterious. Thank God.