Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Great no more ... and Britain for how much longer?

I have been trying to make sense of the British sailors and marines preening for Iranian cameras ever since I saw the "hostages" on film, and I just can't. The entire episode brings me a profound sense of shock, sadness and disgust.

I realize that I hardly know the whole story, but it appears we know enough to know ... the Brits have lost their honor. Can their nation thus be far behind?

You never know when you wake up on a given day what you may encounter ... a thief, a car accident, a chance to be a good Samaritan, an opportunity to help a neighbor.

Think about United 93.

For those in the military, they know that they are their nation's representatives 24/7, standing ready to do both the ordinary and the extraordinary ... to live out months and even years of training.

In this one episode, a few members of the British military encountered their big moment ... and surrendered.

In the process, they disgraced not only all their comrades in arms, but the people they are sworn to defend. In addition, they enboldened not only Britain's enemies, but also America's enemies.

Nothing like firing up the bad guys and then hitting the road.

The speed of their capitulation is inexplicable. Also, the films of their smiling and yucking it up with their jihadi mates should be evidence at a court-martial. Was their not one of them who would implore the jihadis to test their theory re: the afterlife? Any one with a lick of sense knew that the Iranians couldn't afford to harm them.

Also, to find that British Royal Marines were part of this disgrace is incredibly sad to me.

I am left to conclude that the all-things-equal secularists have completely emasculated Europe. I thought the Brits were one last bastion of sanity and courage, but one must now doubt this. Don't you think the Iranians and their miscreant, jihadi brethren do?

As I mentioned last week, the West is facing an enemy that loves death. By contrast, the West loves life, and that is a good thing.

But when this life on earth is viewed as the end-all, then it will ultimately be forfeited to those who would take it for a sordid, "higher" purpose.

Honor makes no sense if this life is the end-all-be-all. Get what you can, while you can, the utilitarians argue. Save your hide, and blame any failings on your environment, your upbringing, or some one else. Get a book deal and go on Oprah while you're at it, too. I mean, who cares about consequences when they may very well come home to roost after you are taking a dirtnap?

The postmodern cowards that dominate Europe ultimately will send every one else to war.

Think about it: Those smiling chaps in their PJ's on the Ahmadinejad Springer Show are the "fighting men" of Britain.

It makes me want to wretch.

So, who is left to stand with us?