Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where have you gone, Daisy Cutter? Our nation ...

turns its lonely eyes to you ... woo, woo, woo. Well, not quite.

Been working, coaching baseball, kids, life, etc. Life and the clock are unrelenting.

The world turns. I gotta ask you, though ... Have you learned your lesson yet? I mean, I see that all sorts of good things are happening with replacing Republican minor-league pork barrelers with the pros. Loading up the anti-war bill with pork is a classic demonstration of decadent cowardice.

The Democrats are so pathetic, they even have to buy anti-war votes. I mean, brother, can you spare an honest anti-American leftist? I know, some of you love to flog Republicans, and some surely deserve it.

Yes, there are few perfect choices in life.

The sharks are swirling in the water, it seems. And the AG seems to be bleeding, too. Republicans should go four-corners and watch how principles change when it's an election year. All this will pass.

But in the meantime, what happens to the country? When the Demos are in charge of any branch of government, all you can do is hope to avoid or forestall calamity. But golly, I feel so learned having them in charge. I have learned my lesson all right.

What was it, again?

Our hope is never ultimately in government. In times of crisis, we turn our lonely eyes not to Congress, but to our Joe Dimaggios. Actually, we turn our eyes to the real heroes whose names are known only to their families, colleagues, cohorts, and such. Our power is today where it has always resided ... in the American people.

Speaking of which, there are some good indicators out there. I hear that 300 is a great movie, albeit with some Greek-like nudity. It's interesting to see what movies are coming out. It usually indicates where people are and where they want to go.

And there have been a couple of interesting things happen around these parts lately. Yesterday, they had a huge service of a fallen soldier up in Conroe; the memorial service was held at a giant church up there. Last week, a local street was shut down for a couple of hours as another young soldier was laid to rest.

It's a wonderful thing to see mixture of pride, sorrow, and resolve that these events are building in the populace. One would think that such losses would sap a people, but from what I see, the opposite is occurring.

All depends upon your perspective and your character, I guess. I am surrounded by ordinary, yet great Americans. Our eyes need not be sorrowful or lonely.

The American spirit is far too strong to be surrendered, yes, still. I know there are contrary indicators. I know, and I see a number of them, too. I get discouraged at times. But still ...

And it looks like we are slowly but surely we may be seeing some results from Gen. Petraeus's strategy in Iraq. What do you know? I thought the Demos passed a law saying that couldn't happen. Some one needs to tell our troops.

I guess there are limits to government, after all. Now, that's a reason to be upbeat.