Friday, March 16, 2007

The Freak Show Unabated

Emboldened by the Libby verdict and wobbly Republican responses re: firing U.S. attorneys, this Spring finds the Demos in full flower mania and leftist gorging.

A president has the right to fire all of the U.S. attorneys, and then some. It seems, though, that this Administration is stuck in apology mode. No one can or will take credit for any aggressive actions, only passive ones. As a result, they are left looking apologetic when they ought to be taking credit ... and taking credit when they ought to be apologetic.

When you are surrounded by political opponents and outright enemies, you need to be bold and let the chips fall where they may. You have to fight, not hug your way out.

Sensing momentum and with elections still a ways off ... I see that Henry Waxman has summoned the "operative" Valerie Plame to the Hill, to investigate ... in the people's interests, of course. What a complete crock this is. What a joy to have the opportunity to tell them all. But no one seizes the moment.

The horror of starting down Waxman's cavernous nostrils for days should have been enough to tip the '06 elections to the Republicans, but alas ...

The freak show continues to pick up steam. Is there no one in Congress who will stand up and call such lunacy what it is? Is there no one who will mock Waxman, chide Democrats as jihadi-sympathizers, and insist on cutting off diplomatic relations with Mexico until its president can confirm that his relatives here are legal?

Momentum is a neutral, but if you're parked on an incline, it's not.

Timidity breeds more of the same.

As does courage.