Saturday, March 31, 2007

Anatomy of a Moderate

The Al Gonzales circus goes on. The MSM and their Demo allies wait for the Republican carcass to fall. Another arrow ... and then another ... the anticipation builds.

Should Gonzales fall, the Demo/Left/Same Thing/MSM coalition surely will celebrate yet another triumph of beating an enemy into submission.

But wait ... How could the AG truly be regarded as an enemy by the Left? Recall that he was, rightfully, rejected as a SC nominee over concerns that he is not conservative enough. The AG is a slightly-right-of-center, moderate type. He's pro-choice on abortion. He's the President's man, alright, and he has shown a willingness to go to the mat for Pres. Bush. He's been pretty solid on the War on Militant Islam.

But he ain't no real conservative.

I mean, he's tried to let it be known, too. He's even a minority. So, what gives? Why is it such a big deal to get a RINO/moderate/same thing scalp?

Well, it's for the Demo base. More on why in a minute. But first, we must ask: When will these moderate types get it? Probably never.

You see, the last thing that the the Hegelian Washington set wants to be known as is some extreme conservative Republican, like ooooooh, one of those slimy, Bible-believing, apple-pie eatin' types. Indeed, in hushed tones around campfires, moderates gravely warn: "You know, there are actually extremists out there who believe in God and country." Their enlightened moderate and liberal audiences concur and shiver under their blankets, pitying the the horrifying specter of the unwashed. (cue Vincent Price laugh and/or "Phantom of the Opera" organ). "Stop scraring us!", they implore.

It seems one of the few things that true moderates are committed to is telling leftists that they are not extremists like those wascally conservatives. By this, they hope both to be liked and to preserve their places at the seats of power.

But moderates will ultimately do neither, for they fail to understand the Left and its allies.

You see, most moderates, being liberals or liberal sympathizers, don't see that it's the leftists who are the extremists. And extremists can not countenance those who are not true believers.

Moderates are not conservatives, true. But they are not true believer, Jim Jones-style extremists, either.

Thus, they must go, as well, until the entire ideological "line", if you will, is purified.

Ah, but the funny thing is ... the Militant Islamists who have forged a tacit, working relationship with today's Left will do the same thing to the Left once they get the chance.

Extremism is as extremism does.

One man's extremist is another's moderate.

Only those with convictions grounded in objective truth can and will survive this onslaught. Al Gonzales and his ilk are always the first casualties when the extremists hit the beaches.