Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Who knew?

Wow. Who knew that the Thai government was a closet-supporter of Israel? I guess the same folks that figured out that India was in on the deal, too.

You know, America caused all of this, don't you?

Speaking of which, take a few minute or two to read the latest column by the greatest columnist alive. I think he's about got it right, per usual.

But wait, stop the dirge for a moment ... Prediction: If the surge starts to show signs of working, look for the Democrats and their RINO enablers to begin arguing that they should take the "principled" stand and "move on" from the "talk of resolutions". They will put their "misgivings behind them" and fund the troops, because, after all, "we all support the troops."

Verily, a white hot loathing, one brighter than the blinding glare from the shined, tasseled cordovan loafers of these miscreants, is but woefully inadequate. Still, it will have to suffice until I can vote and campaign for their opponents into eternity.

I pause to take a deep breath ...

And I leave this space now to your good sense and usual comment "discipline".

See you Friday.