Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Republicans "Block Debate" on Iraq

I see the MSM is spinning the Republicans' killing Demo Iraq Resolution attempts as "stopping debate on Iraq".

Some Republicans are knee-knocking. No need to knock those knees, folks. Stopping debate on a harmful resolution is a good thing. And if the D.C. set doesn't approve, well, that's more proof of what I am saying.

Some one needs to just step up and say, "Hey, Gen. Petraeus said 'No resolutions'. The Demos want to pass resolutions to appease their base that doesn't want us to succeed in Iraq. There will be no resolutions. Next subject."

When the press breathlessly asks if said Repub is insinuating that the Demos don't want us to succeed in Iraq, the appropriate answer is as follows:

"No, I am not insinuating that. I am saying that. The Demos have consistently argued against our success in Iraq. Zarqawi quoted Kennedy and Pelosi doesn't want to talk about victory. They don't believe it's possible, so by definition, any resolution they pass will be bad. I don't care what their intentions are; their intentions are irrelevant. The troops and their chain of command don't want a resolution, and we won't have a resolution. If they won't political cover from their radical base, they are not going to get my assitance as they expose our troops while hiding behind them."