Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Non-binding post: It is I

I have returned from real life. I see that much mischief is afoot as I have had to work.

Moqtada flees to Iran? Border agents are put away while an illegal hauling nearly half a ton of pot gets immunity. The government flushes money and the Constitution down the toilet in its latest political prosecution of Scooter Libby. But at least reporters are being exposed in the process.

But most importantly ... Non-binding resolutions are flying ... or at least the Demos are talking about them.

You know, the more I think about the Demos' (and RINOs) love affair with non-binding resolutions, it does just make me chuckle.

In 1994, Newt and Co. came to power with a promised Contract with America. The new Republican congress enacted much of it, too, and for a time they gave hope to those who longed for the Reagan Revolution.

The new Demo leaders, fresh off their "sweep" into power, don't even have the cajones to do anything binding. I think there's a theme here ... if only there is some one in D.C. who can articulate it ...

I mean, a Congress passing non-binding things ... I am for it, say, if it's a non-binding tax increase, or perhaps a non-binding congressional pay raise.

Say, I wonder if the NFL would consider a "non-binding" tackle. I think the days are not far off.

All things are possible in Congress, where we are instructed daily in the perils of concentrated power.

So, you tell me ... What's going to be the biggest non-binding rave?

I am telling you: If a Republican candidate will run with this, they will own the country in '08. The cowards are elected and they want to do what? Well, stuff that is not binding, of course. The only people they want to bind are the American people. And so on ...