Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I note that in my absence ...

that the world continues to turn. Still, I won't hang up the ol' keyboard.

I have been a tad busy. No rest for the wicked, as we say in my line of work.

Speaking of wicked, I am thinking that the current state of world affairs offers yet more demonstrative evidence that this is indeed a fallen planet ... that humans are indeed imperfect sinners. One of these "perfect" people recently proved his imperfection on this very blog by suggesting the formation of another Republican Party.

Geez, I thought we ought to at least get the first one straightened out before we start another one.

I think the world has gone mad. No, actually it's always been so. I think sometimes events mask this fact. And the only things that make sense of the madness are the things unseen ... things that last beyond the crush, buzz, and rust ... things eternal.

Say, I am wondering ... This whole Militant Islamist deal, where the guys actually wear the "throw-back" uniforms and blow themselves up just like the ye olden jihadis ... just like Mohammed himself, in fact ... and modern, erudite, secular leftists somehow make sense of it all ... still clinging to their discredited faith that mankind is well on the path to evolving to a still higher form of life ...

How can this be?

Our only hope is in God.

So, praise the Lord.

And pass the ammunition.