Friday, February 23, 2007

Holy Smokes!! All Republicans to become Independents, join Lieberman, if Demos Vote to Defund War

Wait, well ... that's not quite it. Actually, it appears that Sen. Lieberman of CT is threatening to become a Republican if the Demos follow Capt. Murtha's orders to walk the plank".

Shiver me timbers.

Life is strange. It may yet turn out that the most important race in the blue sweep of '06 was the senate race in blue CT ... where the Demos lost against a pro-war candidate. I haven't bought into the line that Republicans got spanked because of the Iraq War. Republicans got spanked because they did nothing with their majority on key issues such as immigration, spending, and generally slapping the Demos around like the misfits that they are.

I mean, when you run a good liberal like Lieberman out of the party simply because he thinks we should stabilize Iraq and take on the jihadis ... there is no place for the sane. Will the last sane Democrat please extinguish the hashish pipe and blow out the incense candles?

So now, rather than crushing Lieberman, the Kos campaign to unseat him has enboldened him instead. Aneurisms "R" us.

Things like this remind me why we must understand and keep a sharp eye out for the doings of our opponents, but we should not fear or overestimate them. I mean, if they really believe the things they say, they are crazy. Crazy people get loose and do destructive things at times, but they don't build and maintain things generally. Crazy is as crazy does.

The only Senate seat the Demos lost last year was in a blue state ... in the year of a blue sweep. I mean, the Demos could have kept Lieberman around as a token "see, we don't all hate America" candidate. But instead, they are perfectly committed to their suicidal lunacy. Ideological purity at all costs!! (Cue music) "Onward, Leftist soldiers, marching but not to war ... With the defeat of Lieberman, we will all be of one accord ... "

And now ... Lieberman has the militant anti-militants by the short hairs.

So, what'll it be ... Cap'n Murtha?