Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friends, Romans, Countrymen ...

I am back. Not able to do justice to a post at present, but perhaps on Monday I will have a super, Super Bowl analysis. I think not.

I saw some postulating in the comments on the prior post that the jihadis may be playing a rope-a-dope with us, that is, not directly engaging us but instead trying to pursue a more indirect, "death-by-a-thousand-cuts" approach. For sure, there is some of this to their strategy, but I disagree with this overall point.

In thinking this issue over, take a look at a post over at American Daughter. Our friend Nan has posted a chilling article that purports to shed light on jihadi plans for our schools.

Are they plotting a Chechnyan-style raid on our schools? Let's hope not. What do you think? Take a look at where they would appear to be poised to strike, too. Hint: It's not in the red states, where people carry guns. Cut-N-Shoot Jr. High appears to be safe.

As for me, I am no expert on the enemy's plans, but I do think that I understand their philosophy. I think they do want to engage us. In fact, militant Shiites like Ahmadinejad think such a confrontation might just bring about the 12th Imam. And militant Sunnis once flew planes into our buildings. Jihadis of all stripes believe that if they die while killing us that they get a better deal in "Paradise". They really believe this. Let the irrational evil of this belief soak in: They really believe it. There is evil that can not be reasoned away. It must be confronted, rooted out, and destroyed.

In my view, those who think that our jihadi enemies are pursuing a rational strategy are hoping that the enemy is rational. They want to believe this, for the alternative presents frightening possibilities. But this enemy is not what we wish it to be. They are evil and irrational. Thus, containment won't work. Detente won't work. Negotiations won't work. We are wasting our time with these strategies. Many in the West want to superimpose rational thought over militant jihadi insanity. But we get a strange and unreal product of our own imagination when we engage in such folly. And such self-delusion is deadly, with the result of such thinking being a patchwork quilt of false hope thrown on a bed ... a bed of nails.

They want to die. And they want us to die. This is the reality that we face. Given such an enemy, why would we expect them to try and "wear us down"?

We need to understand them, and not underestimate the threat ... and their evil. But we shouldn't overestimate them and underestimate ourselves, either.

Shifting gears a bit -- and speaking of people who overestimate the enemy and underestimate our troops -- I was thinking about the Senate. It appears that a compromise Iraq resolution is floating around that is, its proponents say, not quite as despicable, dastardly, and cowardly as its predecessor.


Here is what I think: Those pedantic, insufferable, self-aggrandizing wieners just unanimously approved Gen. Petraeus. The general said he didn't want any resolutions. The troops don't want resolutions. It seems pretty straight-forward to me. What is complicated about "No resolutions"?

The problem is: There is no political cover without a resolution, but we may very well have decreasing cover for our troops with one.

I am with the troops, not the Senate.

Maybe all that shoe polish, hair spray and botox floating around in the rarified air of Washington has made the very learned members of the Upper Chamber delirious. Then again, maybe they are just butt-covering cowards.

No resolutions. Just resolve.

No acting. Just action.