Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I note that in my absence ...

that the world continues to turn. Still, I won't hang up the ol' keyboard.

I have been a tad busy. No rest for the wicked, as we say in my line of work.

Speaking of wicked, I am thinking that the current state of world affairs offers yet more demonstrative evidence that this is indeed a fallen planet ... that humans are indeed imperfect sinners. One of these "perfect" people recently proved his imperfection on this very blog by suggesting the formation of another Republican Party.

Geez, I thought we ought to at least get the first one straightened out before we start another one.

I think the world has gone mad. No, actually it's always been so. I think sometimes events mask this fact. And the only things that make sense of the madness are the things unseen ... things that last beyond the crush, buzz, and rust ... things eternal.

Say, I am wondering ... This whole Militant Islamist deal, where the guys actually wear the "throw-back" uniforms and blow themselves up just like the ye olden jihadis ... just like Mohammed himself, in fact ... and modern, erudite, secular leftists somehow make sense of it all ... still clinging to their discredited faith that mankind is well on the path to evolving to a still higher form of life ...

How can this be?

Our only hope is in God.

So, praise the Lord.

And pass the ammunition.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Holy Smokes!! All Republicans to become Independents, join Lieberman, if Demos Vote to Defund War

Wait, well ... that's not quite it. Actually, it appears that Sen. Lieberman of CT is threatening to become a Republican if the Demos follow Capt. Murtha's orders to walk the plank".

Shiver me timbers.

Life is strange. It may yet turn out that the most important race in the blue sweep of '06 was the senate race in blue CT ... where the Demos lost against a pro-war candidate. I haven't bought into the line that Republicans got spanked because of the Iraq War. Republicans got spanked because they did nothing with their majority on key issues such as immigration, spending, and generally slapping the Demos around like the misfits that they are.

I mean, when you run a good liberal like Lieberman out of the party simply because he thinks we should stabilize Iraq and take on the jihadis ... there is no place for the sane. Will the last sane Democrat please extinguish the hashish pipe and blow out the incense candles?

So now, rather than crushing Lieberman, the Kos campaign to unseat him has enboldened him instead. Aneurisms "R" us.

Things like this remind me why we must understand and keep a sharp eye out for the doings of our opponents, but we should not fear or overestimate them. I mean, if they really believe the things they say, they are crazy. Crazy people get loose and do destructive things at times, but they don't build and maintain things generally. Crazy is as crazy does.

The only Senate seat the Demos lost last year was in a blue state ... in the year of a blue sweep. I mean, the Demos could have kept Lieberman around as a token "see, we don't all hate America" candidate. But instead, they are perfectly committed to their suicidal lunacy. Ideological purity at all costs!! (Cue music) "Onward, Leftist soldiers, marching but not to war ... With the defeat of Lieberman, we will all be of one accord ... "

And now ... Lieberman has the militant anti-militants by the short hairs.

So, what'll it be ... Cap'n Murtha?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Who knew?

Wow. Who knew that the Thai government was a closet-supporter of Israel? I guess the same folks that figured out that India was in on the deal, too.

You know, America caused all of this, don't you?

Speaking of which, take a few minute or two to read the latest column by the greatest columnist alive. I think he's about got it right, per usual.

But wait, stop the dirge for a moment ... Prediction: If the surge starts to show signs of working, look for the Democrats and their RINO enablers to begin arguing that they should take the "principled" stand and "move on" from the "talk of resolutions". They will put their "misgivings behind them" and fund the troops, because, after all, "we all support the troops."

Verily, a white hot loathing, one brighter than the blinding glare from the shined, tasseled cordovan loafers of these miscreants, is but woefully inadequate. Still, it will have to suffice until I can vote and campaign for their opponents into eternity.

I pause to take a deep breath ...

And I leave this space now to your good sense and usual comment "discipline".

See you Friday.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Non-binding post: It is I

I have returned from real life. I see that much mischief is afoot as I have had to work.

Moqtada flees to Iran? Border agents are put away while an illegal hauling nearly half a ton of pot gets immunity. The government flushes money and the Constitution down the toilet in its latest political prosecution of Scooter Libby. But at least reporters are being exposed in the process.

But most importantly ... Non-binding resolutions are flying ... or at least the Demos are talking about them.

You know, the more I think about the Demos' (and RINOs) love affair with non-binding resolutions, it does just make me chuckle.

In 1994, Newt and Co. came to power with a promised Contract with America. The new Republican congress enacted much of it, too, and for a time they gave hope to those who longed for the Reagan Revolution.

The new Demo leaders, fresh off their "sweep" into power, don't even have the cajones to do anything binding. I think there's a theme here ... if only there is some one in D.C. who can articulate it ...

I mean, a Congress passing non-binding things ... I am for it, say, if it's a non-binding tax increase, or perhaps a non-binding congressional pay raise.

Say, I wonder if the NFL would consider a "non-binding" tackle. I think the days are not far off.

All things are possible in Congress, where we are instructed daily in the perils of concentrated power.

So, you tell me ... What's going to be the biggest non-binding rave?

I am telling you: If a Republican candidate will run with this, they will own the country in '08. The cowards are elected and they want to do what? Well, stuff that is not binding, of course. The only people they want to bind are the American people. And so on ...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Republicans "Block Debate" on Iraq

I see the MSM is spinning the Republicans' killing Demo Iraq Resolution attempts as "stopping debate on Iraq".

Some Republicans are knee-knocking. No need to knock those knees, folks. Stopping debate on a harmful resolution is a good thing. And if the D.C. set doesn't approve, well, that's more proof of what I am saying.

Some one needs to just step up and say, "Hey, Gen. Petraeus said 'No resolutions'. The Demos want to pass resolutions to appease their base that doesn't want us to succeed in Iraq. There will be no resolutions. Next subject."

When the press breathlessly asks if said Repub is insinuating that the Demos don't want us to succeed in Iraq, the appropriate answer is as follows:

"No, I am not insinuating that. I am saying that. The Demos have consistently argued against our success in Iraq. Zarqawi quoted Kennedy and Pelosi doesn't want to talk about victory. They don't believe it's possible, so by definition, any resolution they pass will be bad. I don't care what their intentions are; their intentions are irrelevant. The troops and their chain of command don't want a resolution, and we won't have a resolution. If they won't political cover from their radical base, they are not going to get my assitance as they expose our troops while hiding behind them."

Monday, February 05, 2007

But more important than that ...

Very much enjoyed the Colts' victory last night, as it represented vindication for Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning. I am big fans of both, especially Dungy. I like Lovie Smith, too, but I was really pulling for Tony Dungy.

For those that don't know, Coach Dungy lost his 18-year-old son to suicide last season. His team rallied around him, but they were eliminated from the playoffs by the Steelers in '05. Repeatedly, he's had to endure the standard refrain that he and his team are "soft" and incapable of competing with the big, bad Patriots and the tough-minded, ever-dour Bill Belichek.

But Tony Dungy has always been a picture of class. He has never wavered. He never lashed back at critics. He is always gracious. Can a leader of men be thus?

Well, it appears so. This year he vanquished Belichek and the "unbeatable" Tom Brady.

Then, much was made of the Super Bowl matchup between Dungy and Smith, for it was they were the first-ever black head coaches to lead their teams to the Super Bowl. Now, Dungy has made history by becoming the first black head coach to win a title.

And it couldn't have happened to a better guy. He was gracious in fielding questions all week about the historic matchup with his friend Smith. Dungy gave Smith his first job in the NFL, after all. Both of the coaches told the press how it was indeed a big deal to be the first two black head coaches to make it to the game's biggest stage. Both are a lot alike, and they have this strange, almost antiquated notion today that you don't have to act like an idiot to be a leader. Heck, you don't even need to curse.

Along the way, the MSM ignored the biggest story of all. You see, these two superior coaches at the top of their craft are not only black, not only great friends ... they are also committed Christians.

How can this be, pray tell? The MSM saw a more important angle in the matchup, and as noted above, it's not that it wasn't important.

It's just that the MSM missed the most important thing, like they usually do. Their template doesn't allow them to see what others do.

I saw some of Coach Dungy's interviews this week, and he credited those black coaches who came before who didn't get the opportunity he did. He graciously offered that better coaches never got the chance he did. And he may be right.

But better men didn't get the chance.

So, it's only fitting that the first black head coach to win an NFL title is Tony Dungy, the Christian. Here's a man who (a year removed from losing his son) still expresses his gratitude to God. Amazing.

At the end of the game, Jim Nance asked Coach Dungy for his thoughts on being the first black head coach to win it. All week long, the coach had tried to tell those who would listen that there was something more to this story. After Nance asked the question with the world watching, Dungy acknowledged his pride. And then he said something like this: "But more important than that, this game shows that you can succeed doing as Christian coaches doing it the right way. Lovie Smith and I are committed Christian coaches who do it the right way."

This was the most important message from the coach. I cheered from my living room.

And Black History Month was honored in a way that many could have only dreamed.

It can be done the right way. And we were reminded of that by a giant of a man who happens to be black. I may not be black, and I may not be related by blood, but I am as proud as can be of my brother in the faith -- Tony Dungy.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friends, Romans, Countrymen ...

I am back. Not able to do justice to a post at present, but perhaps on Monday I will have a super, Super Bowl analysis. I think not.

I saw some postulating in the comments on the prior post that the jihadis may be playing a rope-a-dope with us, that is, not directly engaging us but instead trying to pursue a more indirect, "death-by-a-thousand-cuts" approach. For sure, there is some of this to their strategy, but I disagree with this overall point.

In thinking this issue over, take a look at a post over at American Daughter. Our friend Nan has posted a chilling article that purports to shed light on jihadi plans for our schools.

Are they plotting a Chechnyan-style raid on our schools? Let's hope not. What do you think? Take a look at where they would appear to be poised to strike, too. Hint: It's not in the red states, where people carry guns. Cut-N-Shoot Jr. High appears to be safe.

As for me, I am no expert on the enemy's plans, but I do think that I understand their philosophy. I think they do want to engage us. In fact, militant Shiites like Ahmadinejad think such a confrontation might just bring about the 12th Imam. And militant Sunnis once flew planes into our buildings. Jihadis of all stripes believe that if they die while killing us that they get a better deal in "Paradise". They really believe this. Let the irrational evil of this belief soak in: They really believe it. There is evil that can not be reasoned away. It must be confronted, rooted out, and destroyed.

In my view, those who think that our jihadi enemies are pursuing a rational strategy are hoping that the enemy is rational. They want to believe this, for the alternative presents frightening possibilities. But this enemy is not what we wish it to be. They are evil and irrational. Thus, containment won't work. Detente won't work. Negotiations won't work. We are wasting our time with these strategies. Many in the West want to superimpose rational thought over militant jihadi insanity. But we get a strange and unreal product of our own imagination when we engage in such folly. And such self-delusion is deadly, with the result of such thinking being a patchwork quilt of false hope thrown on a bed ... a bed of nails.

They want to die. And they want us to die. This is the reality that we face. Given such an enemy, why would we expect them to try and "wear us down"?

We need to understand them, and not underestimate the threat ... and their evil. But we shouldn't overestimate them and underestimate ourselves, either.

Shifting gears a bit -- and speaking of people who overestimate the enemy and underestimate our troops -- I was thinking about the Senate. It appears that a compromise Iraq resolution is floating around that is, its proponents say, not quite as despicable, dastardly, and cowardly as its predecessor.


Here is what I think: Those pedantic, insufferable, self-aggrandizing wieners just unanimously approved Gen. Petraeus. The general said he didn't want any resolutions. The troops don't want resolutions. It seems pretty straight-forward to me. What is complicated about "No resolutions"?

The problem is: There is no political cover without a resolution, but we may very well have decreasing cover for our troops with one.

I am with the troops, not the Senate.

Maybe all that shoe polish, hair spray and botox floating around in the rarified air of Washington has made the very learned members of the Upper Chamber delirious. Then again, maybe they are just butt-covering cowards.

No resolutions. Just resolve.

No acting. Just action.