Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They may not have voted for failure, but the Democrats sure don't seem excited about success in Iraq

Last night, the President again identified the enemy, this time in more detail than before, even explaining the Sunni and Shiite strains of what is the same face of Militant Islam. I thought that was the best part of what was, overall, a very good State of the Union. Sure, there were things in there to disagree with, not just for the left but for the right.

But Pres. Bush, as has been true for most of his presidency, got most the most important things mostly right. This may not be good enough for some, but we must consider the alternative. Speaking of which, I saw John Kerry beating feet out of the House Chamber while the President got one last ovation.

Pres. Bush made my heart sing when he reminded us that this is an ideological struggle and the security of the nation hangs in the balance. He described a nightmare scenario that would result if we fail to stabilize Iraq.

While the Demos offer nothing in the alternative, he is putting his presidency on the line.

He said that a withdrawal from Iraq at this point would result in "promises unkept, friends abandoned, and our security at risk. Let us find our resolve and turn events toward victory."

After delivering this key line, the camera panned so that the TV audience could see the whole chamber.

And we saw the Demos sitting.

That's all you need to know about why we may not succeed in Iraq.