Monday, January 29, 2007

Republican Party Suicide Watch

So, will they or won't they forge a "compromise" on the Warner-Hagel-McCain idiocy being floated around? Let's hope not, for the country's sake ... and they had better hope they need not be reelected to anything, as in ever, if they support such a measure.

If Republicans forfeit the power they have as the Senate minority for the right to stab our troops in the back (troops that are in the thick of it as we speak), then they have forfeited their right to ever again be supported by those who elected them.

I sincerely hope they understand the peril that they are placing the country and their political fortunes in. I am going to make a few calls and see if I can talk 'em off the ledge.

Well, I am heading out to work this week (without a computer), so I will not be able to post/communicate until the weekend. So, behave ... and use the comments below for the usual disciplined commentary about this post (humor me) for a bit and then just whatever comes to mind.

By the way ... it looks like I was right (and a number of others): The Russians did in Litvinenko. The MSM doesn't care any more ... but hey, it's just radiation poisoning. It's a crazy world.

Update: Okay, I have signed the pledge. And I would urge you to do so, as well.