Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Proof of the End of the Age

Global warming is now established as a mathematical certainty. I mean, how else can you explain snow and ice covering Texas? I am on the road with my fellow global warming victims today, so we'll see how it goes.

I would rather say something about Nifong at this time, but life presses in and I can't do it justice in a brief post. This saga is part of a key battle, the outcome of which likely will affect our liberty very dramatically.

But I can deal with global warming in a short post: It ain't happening. No evidence to support the theory. It's cold outside. Temps vary. Always have. Plus there is too little evidence of causation by humans of any of this, at any rate.

Who do these libs think we/they are, any way? God? I guess they do, and that's part of the problem. Humans can do, can cause, can prevent ... everything. Whatever happened to the concept of an "act of God"? Now, we seek to assign blame, damages, credit for everything to some human or humans. There's no evidence to support the conclusion, but that's not the point.

Are you fat? Sue McDonald's. But hey, didn't humans cause that? Yes, but the ones with the money who make the hamburgers, not the fat tub of goo that won't let go of his death grip on his daily Big Mac. Get me out of here. The mind-snatching liberal pods are taking over.

All of their grand theories have a common evil seed: the totalitarian desire to control the lives and economy of the West. This is where post-modernism naturally goes. So, take off your coat! Can't you tell it's hot out there?!!?

But it's cold outside, and I didn't do that.

And incidentally, since all the left has to support its post-modern outlook is its collective personal experience, then contradict mine, please. If my personal experience says I win, I win, right? But never mind ... I forgot. That logic only applies to the post-modernly mad.

When the rest of us challenge their experience, they shout and break out the code words.

That's okay. They're wrong. Try this code word: "Burrrrrrrrrrrrr."

It's cold outside. There were fewer hurricanes this year, even though the collectivist-scientist-Kyoto Kool-aid suckers said it would be an end of the age-like hurricane season.

And the fact that the world is still cold when it turns away from the Sun (thank the Big Banger for that marvelous coincidence that reoccurs every year) hasn't helped Texans evolve into a higher driving species at all.

It's just not fair. But it's true.