Monday, January 15, 2007

A moderate is right at least once in his life?

Or something like that. Perhaps this could occur as a result of a question being asked at just the moment when a moderate is traversing the truth spectrum on the way to the latest poll result. The law of probability says that it is bound to happen.

There is just no evidence of it ... at least not until now.

Witness Pres. Gerald Ford. I read over the weekend that in interviews with his local paper Ford said that Pres. Reagan got too much credit for ending the Cold War. Actually, Ford deserves the credit, it turns out ... because of the Helsinki Accords. Oh, my. Those Helsinki Accords broke the Soviets' backs, all right.

Like I said, until this weekend, I had no evidence that a moderate had ever been right, unless political circumstances force him to behave as a conservative.

Then I read that Ford said that Carter was a "disaster" who was the "worst president of my lifetime".


Of course, in true moderate fashion, Ford's comments were not permitted to be released until he was literally out of Dodge.

So, Ford's beautiful, 3-point off-the-glass shot of truth against Carter is hereby ruled disqualified, as it was launched "after the buzzer", so to speak.

They are still worse than stopped clocks.

Pres. Ford shook my worldview to its core, but the rule still stands: No living moderate has ever said anything of substance that is true*

Disclosure: *Unless posing as a conservative for political reasons.