Saturday, January 20, 2007

Missed yesterday ...

But there is/was a raging global warming storm brewing in the post below. If you are inclined, join in. Man, it's still cold down there and outside. I am moving upstairs where it's warm. Does hot air still rise, or did the Democrats outlaw that in their first 100 hours?

In the meantime, I offer for your thoughts: 1) It is becoming readily apparent to me that this is not 1995, that is, the Demo "sweep to power" was not and is not a result of a country that wants to embrace Demo ideas/ideals. It was/is more a result of the Iraq War and Republican missteps. But will the Demos realize this? And if they did, what would they do? ; and 2) I see that Hillary has surprised the world by getting into the presidential race. I am stunned. I guess the Obama train was getting too far away from the station.

I'll see you Monday.

So, feel free to comment on any or all of the above, or none of it. You know the deal.

P.S. Colts and Saints in the Super Bowl, I think.