Friday, January 26, 2007

Ford was right about Carter

I see the press is up in arms about some clowns at a two-bit Texas university dressing up like Aunt Jemima ... with guns? Clearly over-the-top and inappropriate antics by these college students. These are kids. Yes, it's wrong, but ...

Much of living life right is learning balance and context. The left seems to miss both concepts, indeed, almost wilfully.

Never mind the fact that Carter's former supporters are now questioning his views toward Israel in general and Jews in particular. Now, Carter is complaining that there are "too many Jews" on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Still, the MSM yawns.

Hey, he was only president, not some mere college student from Texas. And hey, he was serious, not just joking around.

But he's a leftist, and we all know that, by definition, a leftist can not be bigoted in any fashion. If they were bigoted, then they'd be conservatives. That's what they taught me at some Texas college.

In reality, it appears that once bigotry against a certain group becomes fashionable it is redefined as "non-bigotry", that is, it is seen as correct thought by the left. Then it becomes part of the de facto platform of the Democrats.

So, have Jews joined Christians on the "approved-for-bigotry" list of Demos? I know, I know, very "neo-con" of me to pose such a question.

Things are busy around here, but I hope to see you next week. Until then,