Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007: State of the Blog Presser

DC: Welcome to Cut 'n Shoot, Texas, every one. I appreciate y'all making it out here. Y'all behave, because the locals know how to shoot around here, and they are all armed. This little hamlet is just right down the road from my ranch, so I thought I would introduce you all to really the pinnacle of Texas culture. So, Happy New Year, every one. I will just stand here in the bed, so I shouldn't need to use the mike. I have pared the crowd down this year, at any rate.

First of all, I got some complaints in the past for taking questions only from Fox News reporters at these deals, so I have only invited a couple of them to this year's New Year's presser. And ... since we are not going to allow questions from "the good", I will take questions predominately from "the bad and the ugly".

I do have one announcement before I take a few questions: I have decided to discontinue this blog at the end of '07. (Fox News contingent passes out ... )

Okay, questions ... Let's start with the ugly contingent. Yes, Goomba News Network ...

Goomba News: Sir, it's great to see you again. We have to know, in light of comments recently made here, what do you think of the BCS?

DC: Well, that's a great question, and I would expect no less from GNN, believe me. But seriously, I think that Michigan showed us that they are frauds, so the BCS actually worked. I mean, I think those girls from Nevada could have beaten Michigan, or at least taken then to OT. And how about that Fiesta Bowl. Boise just wouldn't stop with the tricks, and they continued even after the simple Sooners returned to their hotel rooms after the draining 43-42 loss. I hear that they even short-sheeted OU's Bob Stoops' hotel room bed. Now, that is good.

As for the Rose Bowl, I hear that both Michigan and USC were grateful to not have to play a traditional Rose Bowl team like Texas. And Florida should be playing for the national title, as they are. And they will beat Ohio State. I know, some of you don't want me to waste time on sports, but hey ... there is some pretty good sports commentary on this site from time to time. Why? Well, as long as we have the West and the ability to wear short pants and allow our women to show their faces in public, we'll have sports. And I am a sports fan. Let's see ... What, Goomba, you have a follow up? We do have some MSM guests I would like to get to today, but I will take a quick follow-up.

Goomba News: Thank you, sir. Not to be self-serving, but what do you think of GNN being up and running again? And did you see that loser-winner from American Idol singing during the Orange Bowl halftime show with Gladys Knight and the Pimps last night?

DC: Good grief, Goomba. Please. It's Gladys Knight and the Pips, and there weren't even any pips up there. It was just that guy from American Idol. He should stick to bad Ford commercials. About your site, I am glad to see GNN is continuing the great tradition of Nickie Goomba. And I am hoping you keep the thing up for more than a week this time.

How 'bout a twin spin. Yes, Candy ...

Candy Crowley, CNN: I suppose you were heartened by the brutal execution of Saddam Hussein. Care to give us your thoughts on that?

DC: Be happy to. It's hard to have sympathy for Saddam, certainly, and he did deserve to die for his crimes. But the conduct of his execution, and the apparent chanting of "Moqtada" by his executioners does give one pause. For me, though, I was struck by the fact that his execution actually indicates progress for Iraq and the Muslim world. He got a trial and an appeal, and his head wasn't cut off. Maybe next, the sectarian taunts will disappear. Who knows? Events like the execution of Saddam are a stark reminder that Western civilization is worth defending.

Also, I find it interesting how CNN and the rest of the MSM are disturbed that the execution was filmed, but they are not likewise concerned with showing video of enemy snipers shooting at our troops.

Finally, I understand that the video of the execution does not offend the sensibilities of the Iraqis or Muslims at large (even though holding the execution on a Sunni holiday did). It's a good thing he wasn't hung in his underwear. Then there would be hell to pay.

Candy Crowley: (Gasp)

DC: I take it that was a follow-up. What is it going to take for you people to take a good hard look at what we are dealing with in Militant Islam? Note that I don't call it "Radical Islam". The evidence is that the militant jihadis are taking the admonitions of the Koran seriously, hence they are militant. Islam has been militant throughout its history. It's founder was a warrior, and the faith spread through the sword. The so-called "moderate" Muslims are hoped for by Western media much more than they exist in real life.

In the Muslim world, anti-Semitism is an article of faith. And the most dangerous thing to Muslims is other other Muslims. The late "martyr" Zarqawi was a devoted Sunni (would you please get this word to the new head of the House Intelligence Committee?) and called the Shiites "dogs who are worse than Americans". What are we to make of such people? And what are we to make of a culture that doesn't produce enough people with the guts to stare down and defeat these bad guys? I would say they need a reformation, but you can not reform something that was broken in the first place.

Of course, there are a number of people of goodwill who are Muslims. I know they are out there, but their goodwill must eventually lead them to ask hard questions and seek difficult solutions.

All religions are not the same.

Okay, who's next ... Yes, the lovely young lady right there ...

Helen Thomas: What about this blog space? What is on tap here? Can we expect more bitter right-wing and neo-con bromides paid for by Israel and Pat Robertson?

DC: Goodness. Well, you can expect me to continue to unapologetically defend America and her allies. You can expect me to remind all people of goodwill that we are in a titanic global struggle with Militant Islam. You can expect me to keep that laser-beam focus and zero tolerance for perfect-churchers and those who don't get it that the rules are different when we are involved in a world-wide struggle for the survival of Western Civilization.

The information front of this war is important. It's why I am here.

And in spite of all of the foregoing, you can expect me to smile. Because my side is the good side, and we win in the end. I've read the end of the book. What's the matter, Ms. Thomas? No time for a smile yourself? You see, once you realize that the bad guys would slit your throat just as soon as they would mine, ironically you'll smile more. We've got a lot to live for, and a lot to fight for. Chin up.

So, in sum, you can expect more conservative commentary with the focus of protecting national security, preserving culture, and promoting liberty. Unfortunately, the '08 presidential campaign will will get going this year. I think Blogs for McCain's Opponent can be a force in the primaries, and into '08. Frankly, though, regardless of what the blogs do, I think Republican primary voters are a lot smarter than the MSM, and they will not give the nomination to McCain. Okay, yikes, yes, you there ...

Christiane Amanpour: When might we have the pleasure of seeing your, what do you call them, your columns post, your postings?

DC: I am sure you will want to be right on top of when the posts will hit the net, Ms. Amanpour. So, look for them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. My plan is to have shorter posts on Monday and Friday, with a longer one on Wednesdays. But this is only a guide, kind of like you are unbiased, except on important stories.

Okay, I'll take one last question. Well, Carol, I mean Susan, what are you doing here? I see you there. Yes ...

Susan Estrich: What about the blog discontinuing at the end of the year? That's just horrible.

DC: Yes, but not as horrible as when you allowed Mike Dukakis to don that beaut of a helmet and pose as a tank commander. But seriously, it's really not a bad deal. I am going to change the name, new URL, but (because of my day job) will keep posting as "DC", and we'll incorporate some of the old site in the new. Why? Well, I think we can have some impact in '08 here, and I think that there are some who might use the name of this here blog to denigrate the views expressed herein. And others might shy away of what should not be shied away from because they think the views are just those of a "bitter rightwing site with military wannabe references". So, on balance, I think the change will be good, and the timing will give us all time to adjust.

So, I'm going to do it this time ... unless I change my mind.

Don't worry. I'll still do pressers from the pick-up. Okay, I gotta run.