Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey, I got a question ...

Some one help me out here. I mean, I thought that we just wanted to get information to the people ... I know, some things get overlooked by the MSM, like the disturbing passages in Jim Webb's books and the continued violence and rioting by French "youths" ... but, okay, I will be serious now.

Really, one wonders what the MSM is doing in skewing polls. What good does it really do? Check out what a "16-point" Casey lead in the Pennsylvania Senate race really looks like. Be serious. Casey may very well win in PA, but never by 16.

And in Maryland, the Washington Post does a "hit poll" on Michael Steele. What gives? Again, Steele may not pull it off, but this margin is ridiculous.

I guess the idea is that such one-sided poll results are supposed to fire up the side of the leader and vice versa. There is probably something to that, but in a mid-term year where turnout is lower and more of the hard-core partisans turn out, I think such efforts have little of the desired effect.

Furthermore, conservatives and Republicans are so suspicious of polls at this point, especially after the '04 exit poll debacle, that I think biased polling actually tends to encourage Republican turnout and focus conservatives' natural sense of duty to prevent a liberal runaway.

In thinking about it, though, my view is that a good portion of the bias in the polls we see is basically just good old-fashioned bias without an ulterior motive. That is, liberals in the MSM polling affiliates see a world that is (or should be) populated by higher percentages of Democrats. In their view, this is especially so six years in to the dreaded, evil, and clearly-incompetent Bush Adminstration.

To me, the interesting thing about the foregoing is: The MSM bias that informs their polling efforts ultimately helps the opposition, and thereby perpetuates the MSM puzzlement with the country's electorate.

Friday, October 27, 2006

15 Minutes of Friday Fame: T-Minus 10 Days

Took off during this beautiful fall afternoon to vote early. I found my polling place (the conservative epicenter of the universe) bustling, busy, and with a line. The line was not as long as the one I remember from '04, but it was substantial.

In Texas, our governor is up for reelection. But he is apparently coasting to victory. There are two independent candidates (one buffoon named Kinky ... no, that's not Jim Webb) and a hapless Democrat who is trying to crack 20% in the polls. Our Republican congressman doesn't have an opponent. There are very few reasons to vote. But still, there was a line today. And at the end of the lunch hour, the people were still coming.

My interpretation of the lines I saw in '04 led me to be upbeat about Pres. Bush's chances. And what I saw today likewise gave me confidence in the Republicans' chances in '06.

This was a good week for Republicans. It started with the Demos' ill-fated attempt to use Michael J. Fox (was he over- or under-medicated?) to demagogue on the issue of stem cell research. This effort is apparently not only falling flat; it is also backfiring. Jim Talent is pulling ahead in Missouri. Michael Steele, who is perhaps running the best candidacy in the country, is unloading on Ben Cardin with a terrific ad featuring Steele's sister, a doctor who has MS.

Rush did an excellent job this week in exposing the demagoguery of the Michael J. Fox ads. He performed a great service, and in the process took a number of MSM arrows. But like the charging elephant that he is, he stampeded on.

As Rush noted, all Fox did was lie about Talent and Steele. Does this matter? And there is evidence that Fox did so while not taking his medication. By the end of the week, Fox was backpedaling and the ads had disappeared. Hmmm.

The episode reminded me of the importance of calling the emperor naked. It seems the emperor's press corps don't appreciate it, but others are watching and listening.

Embryonic stem cell research is a tough issue for a number of people. But there is no evidence whatsoever that embryonic stem cell research has any promise at all.

And the foregoing reminds us that the Demos can't tell what they really believe, show who they really are, say what they will really do ... and win.

And because of that, they likely won't.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Motivation: A Quick Mid-Week Thought

Work/life intervenes, so I decided to post this little snippet on this gray, fall Wednesday.

Fast forward two weeks ... it's the day after the midterms, the historic "tidal wave" election that was to sweep Demos to power once again so that they could begin their investigations in earnest and their impeachment proceedings (Pelosi's recent backtracking notwithstanding ... and just why is Madame Pelosi backtracking on such a needed service to republic, and with such an unpopular president and war? But I digress ...)

So, it's Nov. 8. We turn on CNN. Some of us only watch when bad things happen to Demos/Lefties/Same Things, for we find pure, unadulterated enjoyment at watching these wise arbiters of events split at the seams with rage ... a fury directed at the hapless and hopeless American voting public. And on this day we see a very dour, serious Wolf Blitzer interviewing the supremely erudite Bill Schneider. Here is an excerpt:

Wolf: Well, Bill ... How did this happen? The Republicans were supposed to lose, to be doomed. What led the public astray? Will there finally be the much needed investigation of Diebold?

Bill: (opens mouth, but nothing ... silence)

Wolf: Bill, you had the Demos taking the Senate and with a 15-vote majority in the House. (voice rising, perhaps for the first time since not being picked last for his Red Rover team in grade school) For the love of God and the sake of all things decent, man, how could this happen?!! How could you let this happen!!!

Bill: (staring in silence)

Wolf: Bill, do you think Hillary Clinton can change things in '08? What can we hold on ... What can Democrats hold onto as something, a silver lining?

Bill: (finally rising, with a wry smile ... he begins ever-so-slightly swaying, is he? yes, he's softly ... singing?) When the dog bites ... when the bee stings ... when I'm feeling sad ... I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't ... feel .... so ... (trailing off)

Wolf: (stares in silence)

Bill: (stares in silence)

Now, that's news. And that's motivation.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Reason for Optimism that Iraq Violence May Go Down?

Well, at least temporarily, any way. Ramadan is over. Make that the "Holy Month" of Ramadan, as the MSM refers to it.

It puts the our holiday "hassles" in perspective, for sure.

It seems that some one forgot to tell the French "youth", however, for Paris seems to be perpetually in the grips of rioting Muslims these days. The MSM is not saying much about this. I wonder why.

Yes, yes, they're waiting for the next update on Mark Foley. Important stuff to cover, you know.

Friday, October 20, 2006

15 Minutes of Friday Fame: Part II

Okay, here I am on the clock. It's Saturday, but hey ... It's time for fifteen minutes of insightful commentary ... well, fifteen minutes to get this post done. How about that?

First the important stuff: Congratulations to the Cardinals and the Tigers. I'm an Astros fan, and am happy to see our fellow National Central rivals in the Series. And you have to pull for Jim Leyland, who has done a fabulous job as the skipper of the Tigers.

Most of all you have to love both teams for sparing us another Subway Series. Ah, but the media, pundits, and "pollsters", if you will decreed that an all-New York World Series was a foregone conclusion. Of course, a lot of these media types live in the New York area and are Yankee and Met fans.

So, the media were fans and they created huge expectations for their teams: Win or your season is a failure. This charge is a bit more unfair for the Mets, whose pitching staff was decimated. But the Yanks clearly collapsed under the crushing weight of expectations.

It was so sure, and now it won't happen.

Speaking of which, I guess the MSM has now convinced itself and its friends that a Demo takeover is a foregone conclusion.

But is it? I am sensing Demo insecurity and momentum shifting back to the Republicans.

I am hearing the whistling in the graveyard by the MSM/Demo alliance about conservatives staying at home. But are they? The comments I have read from conservatives indicate to me that most understand the stakes in '06 well.

I think the supposed mass of disaffected conservatives who will sit out the election is largely overstated.

Rather, I think that we are seeing, and will see, Demos begin to break down and falter under the weight of the extraordinary expectations they have set for themselves: Sweep into power in the House with a significant majority, or else. Take the Senate, too. Republicans can't win. Blah, blah, blah.

Republicans are better organized, better funded, just better. They'll show up. Some will stay home, but the same will happen with some Demos, too.

So, it looks like the debate is coming back to national security and Iraq. That's fine with me.

I mean, around the country, it's obvious, obvious, that all pro-Iraq War candidates are doomed. Speaking of which ...

Lieberman, who was dumped by the Demos basically because of his position on Iraq, has opened a 17-point lead in Connecticut. Over at Daily Kos, the Demo Kos-Stituents treat this race like the crazy old uncle. They just don't talk about it any more. Hey, you anti-American lefties, you ought to try talking out your problems. This way you can get better. Never mind.

See you next week.

15 Minutes of Friday Fame ... coming later

In the meantime, we lay to rest a great thread below. And we open this thread for your comments.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Another 10 Inches of Rain ... People Boating to Work ...

So what else is new around here? There would be no people at all in this part of the world, but for the invention of the air conditioner. It's a gray day. If you're wondering where all of the water in the world went, it's all falling on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Days like this are reminders about perspective, which I talked about in my 15-, er 20-minute blast on Friday.

In Iraq, Muslims continue to prove that the biggest threat to Muslims are other Muslims. Here, an important election approaches that will affect how America's war with Militant Islam fares over the next two years. A lot is at stake.

Over the weekend, another October surprise started to leak out regarding a potential investigation into Rep. Kurt Weldon of Pennsylvania. Weldon is at times at odds with the White House, but still the Demos know who their real adversaries are.

In Florida, Democrats are suing to prevent voters from being informed that under Florida election law, Mark Foley's votes will go to Joe Negron. What is the problem with voters being informed of election law? Did I miss something?

But ... What do you expect from a party who prides itself in disqualifying as many miltary absentee ballots every election cycle as they can?

What do you expect of a party who keeps its William Jefferson (the cashcicle maker) of Louisiana on the ballot?

What do you expect of a party whose chief Foley inquisitor and Speaker-to-Be shows up in a parade with a member of NAMBLA?

What do you expect of a party that is so stridently leftist that it expels a reliable liberal and former VP candidate Joe Lieberman?

Indeed, what do you expect of a party who has to lie to the American public about what it really believes and conceal its cavernous emptiness with bogus Republican scandals that pale in comparison to its own misdeeds?

As I have mentioned here before, I really like a theme that the Republicans are hitting hard this election season: It's a choice, not a referendum. Most political themes don't work, if for no other reason than the fact they're written to be captured in soundbites and marketed to the masses. But this one rings true because it is. Whatever one thinks about Republicans, things could have gone far worse the past two years and they will likely go far worse the next two years if Demos gain control. These times are too serious to take such a chance.

Rush made a good point on Friday: The people that really get punished or "sent a message" if the Demos win are us. I don't know about you, but I don't deserve Demo rule. Maybe San Francisco and N.Y. City do, but I don't. And our troops sure don't deserve it.

I am heartened because it appears that conservatives are figuring it out, too. My ol' pal Dan Riehl has been hard on the Republicans, and I have shared a lot of Dan's concerns, too. But Dan has been hitting it hard for Republicans as we head down the stretch.

And I like the Big Lizard's spirit, too.

I think the rain is slacking.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I can see a herd of elephants sneaking across the border, but with a mariachi band?

Yes, it's true, and I think at least two of the pachyderms have turned up at a day labor center. Check it out. Seriously, I can't stop laughing. Read Don's post and check out a young guy running for Congress who deserves the support of Eastern Pennsylvanians. Man.

$2.00/gal. ... and Other Assorted Thoughts on Being Positive

Henceforth, I am going to experiment with a 15-minute time limit for composing the weekending post, so here is the first installment in that effort:

On my way into town this a.m., I filled up and paid $2/gallon, on the nose. This brought a smile to my face. I recall the very dire and oh-so-correct predictions of those who said we would surely see $5/gallon gas before we saw $2/gallon gas. I chucked then and wondered ... Have these people ever heard of the law of supply and demand? Do they have any idea what is shaking in China?

Haven't they heard of Halliburton and the Rovian Hack-o-Tron and assorted Republican Dirty Tactics?

But really, did they ever hear of reality? Does pessimism remove reality? Or change it?

Then I look and I see that Buffalo is snowed in, and Michigan has the earliest snowstorm in its history. What gives? I thought we were all going to melt. No wait, we were going to be blown away by the hurricanes caused by global warming that is obviously, I mean obviously, caused by humans. No wait, it's obviously caused by Americans.

Me? I figured that temperatures, like gas prices, would probably fluctuate, too. Has any member of the Chicken Little caucus heard of recorded history? Just asking.

People probably aren't nearly as "in control" of the weather, or many other things, as they would have us believe.

I mean, maybe Air America is in control. After all, "fairness" dictated that the market was unfair and we needed a leftist talk network. Remember that? Oh, wait. Breaking ... Air America is bankrupt, officially so. Human nature, however, and reality are still around.

Oh, we limited and woeful beings don't realize that we must, must have a liberal talk network to bolster ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Reuters, A to Z media, AP, etc. Don't you see?

Pity that we are fallible and limited creatures.

Yes, we humans have tremendous potential but we are still limited. We are not omniscient. And let's be honest. We don't often have a clue as to what's going to happen next.

So what do our fallibility and limitations have to do with being positive? Plenty, I think.

I think a genuine positive outlook starts with a good grasp of reality. Pie-in-the-sky happy talk makes a person delusionally happy (maybe) until right before that light at the end of the tunnel turns out to, in fact, be a locomotive.

Here's what I know. My life has defied the odds. Of all the people born in history, I was born here ... in these United States ... and in this time. We know freedom and opportunity like few others know, both now and in history. And we amazingly keep producing those who have the mettle to fight to maintain our freedom and way of life. History and experience tell me that we've got a great country and way of life that are worth preserving.

I tell my boys that every morning they have a number of reasons to stay positive. For one thing, their eyes opened. For another, they opened in the United States of America. And for another, God has given them another day to make something happen that will last.

Yes, human nature remains unrepealed, and not even a Democrat Congress can do that.

By the way, I still believe my side is going to win on Nov. 7. Why? Because human nature and reality have not been repealed.

So, I am pressing on with a smile ... and I'm done in 15, well, 20 minutes.

See you next week.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to Treat a Democrat

With an ad that's too hot for even the Republicans to handle, that's how.

Make sure you scroll down Drudge's post and take a look at that thing. Holy Smokes! The Albright look-alike is frightening. When her skirt split while changing a tire for the jihadis, I just about lost it. Cumbayah?!!? Get out of town!

This ad is great stuff. (Demos find it objectionable and over the top, so please be advised that it exposes them for the national security jokes that they are.) Note, too, that it's from David Zucker, the creator of Scary Movie 4. Zucker is a post-9/11 Demo who voted for Pres. Bush in 2004 because of the issue of our time.

And the issue is not Mark Foley.

Monday, October 09, 2006

One more time ... All you need to know:

N. Korea claims a successful nuclear test over the weekend, our troops are engaging militias in and around Baghdad, 50,000 rally against Chavez in Caracas ...

And the Demos want to push the Foley petal to the metal.

The Democrats will get us all killed if they gain power in these times. The truth needs to be told, the base needs to be rallied, and we need to fight like an army of Lee Atwaters to make the Left pay for their irresponsibility and insanity.

We don't need to play dirty like they do, i.e., by knocking candidates off the ballot after it's too late to give people a real choice. We just need a hard, fast blitz ... of the truth. It's better than garlic, crucifixes, and daytime for sending the Demos into a panic.

Even Mr. Peepers finally seems to be getting the message. Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio (not one of my faves, for sure) looks really good these days, esp. compared to Sherrod Brown. And I am shocked, but happy to see that Ohio Republicans are laying the wood to Sherrod Brown.

You want to see an ad, people? This is an ad. (h/t to Redstate).

Also, I must share this fumble from Tennessee (no, I am not talking the Volunteers or Vince, either) ... Harold Ford apparently slipped and claimed that he is a lawyer when he's not.

This is a minor fumble, certainly, but still his Republican opponent needs an attack dog, say some one like me, who is a lawyer but could recount a story of when he was in law school (true story) ...

I remember when I was a second-year law student and a friend of mine had just passed the bar. I was a wise guy and I went up to my buddy and asked him how it felt to be the scum of the earth.

He just laughed and said, "You know there's only one thing worse than being the scum of the earth ... and that's to aspire to be the scum of the earth."

Friday, October 06, 2006

What's bright and sweet, and read all over?

Sweetness & Light is, as usual, way out front on the news. It appears that the light and heat are starting to be focused on the Demos in the Foley fallout. Yes, this is sweet indeed. Sweetness has apparently id'ed the Democrat that outed Foley, and it's Mark Rogers, unless, Rogers is, in fact, a distant relative of Nostradamus.

As discussed here before, with the New Media conservatives are more than up to the task of fighting off 40 days and nights of B.S. rain in an election season. But we will still need all the "sweetness" and light that we can muster to fight off the desparate leftist Demo base.

"This is the captain speaking. We anticipate a little turbulence, so we've turned on the 'Fasten Seat Belt' sign ..."

See you Monday.

P.S. I call for Sweetness and Light to resign.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

DC Editorial: Time for a House Cleaning of Biblical Proportions

It is time for heads to roll. Accordingly, I have some in mind who need to resign immediately:

As all good Republicans should, I, too, call for the resignation of Speaker Dennis Hastert.

And I call for the resignation of the entire Republican leadership team in the House. They are all responsible.

I call for the resignation of Pres. Bush, for he is the leader of the Republican Party, and the fish rots from the head down.

I call for the resignation of all Republicans who have lusted in their hearts and/or have behaved judgmentally toward their Demo brethren for like conduct.

I call for the resignation of VP Cheney, for he will take over when Pres. Bush resigns and he used to work at Halliburton.

I call for the resignation of Laura Bush, for her inadequacy in mothering and in keeping George attentive to the business of Congress.

I call for the resignation of all Republicans who agree with me on almost all issues.

I call for the resignation of Karl Rove, as Democrats were right to nip this problem in the bud far earlier.

I call for the resignation of the St. Petersburg Times staff.

I call for the resignation of the Miami Herald Staff.

I call for the resignation of the Fox News staff, except for those who need to remain behind to cover my next presser.

I call for the resignation of those not learned enough to appreciate the value of the medicine that would be a Congress run by Pelosi, Murtha, Frank, Rangel, Conyers, et al.

I call for the resignation of those who fail to understand the importance of Republicans being 100% virtuous so that they can be a perfect foil to the 100% scuzbag concentration in the Democrat Party.

I call for the resignation of Tom Delay from his current job, because his last resignation was not good enough.

I call for the resignation of all gay Republicans who have not been outed.

I call for the resignation of all straight Republicans who do not realize yet they really are only straight because they hate gay people and are acting out of prejudice.

I call for the resignation of all Republican elected officeholders, and I further call upon them to concede their respective elections to their Democrat opponents, so that we can clean house and start over.

I call for the resignation of all Republicans who do not agree with me on every single issue.

I call for the resignation of Republicans who do not agree that endless cowardly groveling over the Mark Foley affair and/or the latest Demo talking point of the day is more important than fighting Militant Islam.

I call for the resignation of all Republicans who are not grave and apologetic for the immoral behavior of others.

I call for the resignation of every conservative media outlet but the Washington Times.

I call for the resignation of all Republicans who have read the Bible, except for those who have disclaimed any belief in said book.

I call for the resignation of all bloggers not profound enough too take themselves too seriously.

I call for the resignation of every Republican not wise enough to shoot a big honking hole in their stinking foot to prove how virtuous they are.

Yea, I call for the resignation of every Republican who doesn't stoop on command and place a big kiss on the vertical smile of the Democrats in order to be liked and accepted.

I call for the resignation of all those meanie conservative Republicans in the Senate for reminding the RINOs to act like Republicans.

I call for the resignation of all conservative pundits who have not groveled at the feet of their idoeological opponents to lap up approval and strokes upon their odious heads.

Lo, I call for the resignation of all Republicans. Get them out of here, so that we can clean out Washington.

Verily, I call for the resignation of all Republicans with the cajones to fight real evil and not let Democrats define what is right, wrong, and important.

Behold, I call for the resignation of every one who is not a Democrat, for we need to start over fresh.

That should about do it. Oh, wait ...

I call for the resignation of Mark Foley. Oh, yeah. He's already gone. In that case, never mind my venting.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mark Foley thoughts ...

As I discussed and warned, it appears that the Bravo Sierra/obfuscation plants are in full bloom.

Mark Foley? He's gone. Good. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Clearly.

One wonders if Foley were a Demo instead of a RINO if he would be treated the same way by Demos ... or would there be cries of "Let's not rush to judgment" and "homophobia"? Methinks one is prudent to be skeptical of Demo moral outrages, but you be the judge.

Meanwhile, Republicans are moving fast now, but Demos are claiming that Republicans have been sitting on this bad news ... trying to slip past the election.

Let's be clear: It would indeed be horrible to sit on news of a potential child predator in the U.S. House for political gain.

And all people of good faith can agree that this is the case.

Well, it just so happens that the Demos and their MSM allies may very well have been sitting on this story for some time, potentially endangering young people along the way, and all with an eye toward springing an October surprise.

Too hard to believe? You be the judge, and check out Clarice Feldman's fact-packed and hair-raising post.