Monday, December 04, 2006

You know, I am a team player ...

Still, there's a time to huddle up and address what ails one's team. I have often spoken out against the "perfect church" crowd for trying to solve intra-party and intra-movement squabbles in general elections. Such tactics never fail to benefit the opposition.

So, how did you conservatives like 8 years of Clinton?

The time and place to get things right is among friends (or at least not while mutual enemies are encouraging the scrape). This is what off-years and primaries are for.

Now, you all know that when '08 rolls around that I won't be supporting any Democrats. I didn't fall off a turnip truck. The odds are that I will be there hanging on that G.O.P. lever like I always do. Now, if John McCain manages to bamboozle enough primary voters to get the Republican nod, we'll just have to see, won't we?

But now's the time to get back on track and back to basics, or we could say it's time to get back to the conservative base that made the Republican Party a majority. I am hopeful that we will see such a movement as we go forward. I will remain cautiously optimistic.

In the foregoing spirit, I share with you a phone conversation I had today with a pleasant young man who called me from D.C. on behalf of the G.O.P.. He encountered me in somewhat of a bad state of mind, for sitting in a federal courtroom for most of a morning will do that to you. But still, I wouldn't take any of it back.

So, here's a summary of how it went:
G.O.P.-Man: Good morning, may I speak to Mr. Daisy Cutter?

DC: Yes, this is he.

G.O.P. Mr. Daisy Cutter, I am calling on behalf of Chairman Ken Mehlman to thank you for your generous support of Pres. Bush and the Republican Party. Also, I wanted to find out if you would be so kind to renew your membership for 2007.

DC: Well, I'm kinda tapped out. Plus, I just gave you guys a bunch of money and renewed in the late part of last year.

G.O.P.: Yes, sir, but that went for our election efforts. Also, your RNC membership runs from December to December.

DC: I see.

G.O.P.: So, can we count on you, as one of Pres. Bush's strongest supporters, to renew your membership at this time?

DC: Well, honestly, I'd rather wait for a bit. Frankly, we just got our heads handed to us because Republicans are afraid to act like Republicans. I want to see how they are going to stand up to the Demos, take for instance on immigration. Also, we need to have the courage to call our enemy by name. I want to see how things go, and then I will decide on what I will do next.

G.O.P.: Sir, I thank you for your candor.

DC: You're welcome.