Friday, December 22, 2006

Look, if you're ever down on your luck and can't do anything else ...

There's always TV. Check out this gem by Desmond Howard, the former Michigan Heisman Trophy winner. Dez is apparently not aware that the maroon and white team from Texas, you know, the Aggies are different from say, the burnt orage team (the good guys), my alma mater. Nor does Desmond have any idea who is playing Cal in the Holiday Bowl.

But at least he had the good sense to let us all know that. I mean, it's only a college football show.

I include this this link for those who see blank, white walls when clicking the arrow.

The day after his demonstration of the perils of live TV, Desmond did a mea sorta on ESPN by saying he "misspoke" when referring to Texas, instead of A&M. Problem is, Desmond completely broke down the Texas-Cal matchup. He was way off in those weeds. Yeah, he misspoke like Clinton "never, not one time" did anything wrong with Monica.

I love the guys on the set just silently and dumbfoundingly pressing on, too. To defend them somewhat, I mean, sometimes you see such inexplicable incompetence that it does leave you speechless. Plus, what were they supposed to do? Out Desmond and reveal that he is unaware that there is more than one university in Texas? I wonder if Desmond has ever watched football on Thankgiving Weekend.

To provide some Texas insight here, too, you have to know that there is really nothing worse for an Aggie to be called than a Longhorn. The Longhorns are more than an arch-rival to the Aggies; the Aggies hate the Horns. In fact, they would be less upset if Dez had said that OBL had a football team that was playing Cal. But's even worse than that, Ags. Desmond doesn't even know you exist. He wiped you off the map.

In any event, I emailed ESPN and told them to send my best wishes to Dez's Wolverines as they prepare to play Florida for the National Championship. It's too bad that Desmond's Buckeyes got jobbed by the BCS.