Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fun with Search Engines and Other Merry Topics as Christmas Nears

As we head down the home stretch to the Christmas post, my final one of the year, I thought I might share a little search engine levity.

Here is the bad news for lefties. This little microblog is everywhere on the search engines. Many of my visitors come via the search engine route. Don't know how this works, but the 'lectrical box economy of the world has spoken and we must obey.

Now, some specifics ...

First, imagine the horror of some poor culinary-minded soul out there who was simply looking for French Fry Cutter Web Sites and found this blog ... at #7 on their list of sites. Yikes. I mean, there's a connection there somewhere. We're both hot and cutting, I guess.

And, of course, all those hard-core Houston baseball fans who look for Mark Lemongello, the greatest pitcher's name ever, will, of course, find this blog ranked at #6. Makes sense. This is the site for conservative Astros fans.

Those who take the direct route, with a Google search of "daisy cutter" with find about 854,000 sites, with this site listed #3. Imagine some poor, liberal college student wanting to do a peaceful presentation on the BLU-82 bomb and finding instead, well, me. It's a violent thought, for sure.

So what does all of this mean? It means: 1) Keep your kids off the internet; and 2) We are well on our way to conquering the world.

For a little more meat, substance, and good old-fashioned DC suspicion, see the post on the Litvinenko episode below.

More search engine fun later ...

P.S. Hey, it looks like the Goomba News Network is back, giving us all an early Christmas present. Go by and say hello to the talented Goomba mob. I will get the links fixed/cleaned up over the holidays to get GNN up on the Daily Briefing, so fret not.