Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blogs for McCain?

If you search "Blogs for McCain", this very site comes up #1. Priceless. Did you hear that, Phantom?

It's even ranked ahead of "Blogs for McCain". Oh, but it even gets better. If you take even a quick look there, you'll find that Blogs for McCain is not a pro-McCain site, either. I was tipped off by a subtle post entitled "John McCain is Evil". Maybe they meant blogs "for" McCain as in "after" him. Who knows.

And by the way, check out this: A War on Blogs? And lauched by McCain? This will be funny, because McCain is now trying to make a hard turn to the right as the presidential campaign begins next year. But those pesky bloggers will be firing from the right ... b/c he is shootin' at us from the left (thank God he was only in the Navy, though. And by the way, did you know he served in Vie ... never mind) and then we'll just have to see how it all shakes out. He's got a Demo congress now, so he can probably ram-rod even more egregious speech limitations through than before.

But will Pres. Bush and Mitch McConnell stop him? Or will we have to do it alone?

If McCain doesn't outlaw our sites by '08, maybe we and "Blogs for McCain" can merge. Alls I bring to the table is access and links to 50 or so firebreathing conservative bloggers who wake up in the middle of the night and pound out passionate posts. And we haven't even started working yet.

With Goomba News back in business (at least for the next week or so), we might even have our own media network. Heck, we are pretty well on our way to being a nation-state. I'll check with John Bolton to see if he can be our Ambassador to the UN. We demand bilateral talks with McCain.