Monday, November 13, 2006

Veterans' Day Redux

Was a busy (typical) weekend around here. I got the USMC colors up on Friday for the Marine Corps' birthday, and we had the "normal" chaotic evening. I forgot what happened ... oh, yeah ... we got kids home, pizzas arrived, a storm blew through. Did we watch TV? I fell asleep ...

But what about the colors?

It bothers me when people do not show respect to the flag. I am always heartened to see the flag flown. But one thing we see a lot is people leaving it out at all hours. The American flag is to be lit, if it is flown at night. Same thing for the USMC colors. They are supposed to come down at night. I have driven in the car with my kids on a few occasions and spent a lengthy amount of time on the soap box about failure to treat the flag properly.

But on this Friday night, it got away from me. And I had become "one of those", you see.

Well, there we were heading out the next day for a busy Saturday ... baseball tryouts, driving lessons, back to get stuff done at home, scramble, etc. As I headed out, I saw the USMC colors flapping in the breeze on a beautful, crisp Veterans' Day. And it bothered me that I hadn't put up the American flag. Veteran's Day is a day for the Stars and Stripes. As my boys and I left for the day, I griped out loud at myself for leaving the USMC flag up overnight.

Then another blurry day sped past. The sun went down and Saturday was coming to a close. Man, where do the days go? I was out in the garage milling around and picking up various remnants and possessions. I straightened the javelina head.

It was dark now.

And then I saw my 16-year-old son walking up the driveway toward the garage.

He was bringing in the USMC colors.

And my negligent frazzle had led me back to hope ... again.