Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So I guess we won't be seeing any more photos like this between now and Nov. 7?

That's too bad, because the wonderful picture of Sen. John Kerry snuggling up to his pal Jim Webb, the Demo candidate running against George Allen in Virginia, communicates a lot of information. Thanks to Dan Riehl for pointing the way to the photograph.

To me, Kerry's comment that our troops in Iraq are "stuck" because they didn't work hard in school is far more than a slap at their intelligence and education levels (about which he is factually wrong).

What Kerry was saying is that what the military does now, and has always done (at least as far back as Viet Nam), is really meaningless work. That's right. An appropriate interpretation of Kerry's remarks would be: "Why don't you lesser-educated types go be a trash man or something? Or a convenience store clerk. At least then you can contribute something of value to the country."

This is the real slander and outrage. To make such a statement in a time of war is, well, something we've come to expect from the Democrats by now. It's unfortunate, to say the least, but the Democrat base is on the other side.

For some time, I've argued hard that Republicans should circle the wagons in this election year and leave intra-family squabbles for another day. Why? Because the stakes are simply too high in these times to let Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, et al. have power. Yesterday, Kerry made my point ... and added an exclamation point.

He has been campaigning hard for Democrats. He has been working for Jim Webb in VA, and he was heading to PA to campaign for Bob Casey, Jr. He has been campaigning for a Demo House candidates. No more. Kerry has gone ghost the day after Halloween.

But where are his friends?

I would like to say a word about one of them -- Jim Webb in particular -- as well as other assorted former-military imposters like John Murtha who run as Demos and attack the President and the war with supposed impunity because of their prior service.

No Marine would give Kerry's comments a "thumbs-up". No Marine would seek higher office by stepping on the backs of his comrades and of America's finest.

No Marine would let a candidate or party paint political billboards with the blood of America's warriors.

I could care less if Webb won the Medal of Honor in Viet Nam. Webb has forfeited the title "Marine".

He is a scumbag worse than Kerry for not standing up immediately and denouncing Kerry's remarks. Webb should have run to a microphone and blasted Kerry far worse than Republicans have. But he didn't. Why not? I guess the problem for Webb and his ilk is that (as the picture shows) he is really in a warm embrace with the Demo base. It really is more about Demo power, not the nation. It's sick like Webb's books.

Let's be honest, people: Demos do not like the military. But meanwhile, they vote against the Patriot Act. They vote against listening to jihadi phone calls. They vote against trying jihadis in military courts. They call our troops the equivalent of Hitler. They equate Abu Ghraib to the Soviet gulag. They consistently run down our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their actions help the enemy.

Who do you think the jihadis want to win the election next Tuesday?