Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nov. 7: Morning in America

This particular morning, I'll be seeing the sunrise at a Texas polling place. Oh, but it won't be mine. If you've been reading, you know that I have already voted. But I do miss the electricity of going to the polls on an important Election Day. So, I'm going.

In fact, I'm going to the polls in the TX-22 congressional race. I will be there at Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas when the polls open at 7 a..m. I won't get to vote (alas, only Demos vote where they are lot legally able to do so), but I am going to help with passing out literature. Yes, it's true. It's been many years since I did this. So, why am I doing it this year?

Well, I took a little stock today to see just what I have done this election season and why. I've given money to specific candidates, such as Diana Irey who is gamely running for Jack Murtha's seat in PA, and Rick Santorum, one of the very best senators around (maybe this explains why he is in trouble), and to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

I also gave money to Shelley Sekula Gibbs, who is running as a write-in candidate in TX-22. Shelley is running for Tom Delay's old seat, and would be running away with this race had she been allowed to be on the ballot. But Demos, doing what they do best (obfuscation and specifically, election by lawsuit) sued to make sure that she wouldn't be on the ballot after Delay withdrew. It's the only chance they have here.

I also gave money to the RNC and to the Republican Senatorial Committee. This is an important election. Still, it wasn't enough.

I also made some GOTV calls from the cell phone yesterday. Even though it's not my cup of tea, I called voters in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, and ... in TX-22.

Why am I telling you this? Well, in part I want you to know that I am walking the walk. Also, I provide you with the foregoing to explain why I still wanted to do a bit more.

I just had to get out there to mix with the voters and be on the scene for what I think may be one of this election season's big surprises. I wanted to help pass out literature to help voters navigate the maze created by Demos to get a Republican elected in this conservative district.

Why? Well, I like Shelley. She is a true-blue conservative. Plus, every seat counts in this election year. Also, I saw this district as a symbol of the MSM's arrogance and presumptuousness about this whole election. Texans are stubborn, and generally don't appreciate people telling them about their decisions being foregone conclusions. Plus, there is a feeling (grounded in fact) that Demos unfairly created the advantage in TX-22 they now claim to be insurmountable.

You see, the main reason I am heading out to TX-22 today is: I want to be be on the ground helping Sekula Gibbs' team pull off one of the year's big upsets.

So, think of little ol' me tonight when you see the libs furrowed brows on TV trying to figure it all out. I have never believed the Demos would steal TX-22 just because a write-in candidacy was required. Sure, it's a long shot. But hey, Demos are the dummies. Republicans will largely figure it out. I have always believed this, in spite of the fact that TX-22 remains on every "expert's" list as a "Demo Takeover".

In the bigger picture, whatever happens today (and get ready for shenanigans, false reports, leaked bogus exit polls and the like, and just ignore them and forge ahead and do your duty), the world will continue to turn.

We conservatives know that government is not the end-all, be-all. But we also know that it is important. We also know that as people are imperfect, there are no perfect solutions. So ultimately, we come together for the good of the country.

And in the end, this is what it's about -- We love the country too much to stand by and let it be run by people we don't trust to defend it.

Because we're conservatives, we also know that whatever happens tomorrow, it will still be morning in America on Nov. 8.

I'll talk to you then.