Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If you think things can't get worse ...

Just stick around.

I've always been amused by those who advocate change because things are just so horrible, so unspeakably bad, that we can not do any worse.

Aw, come on. Live a while. Things can always get worse in this life. Conservatives should know this.

Have you noticed? What do you make of the spike in violence in Iraq? It was bad before the election, but the pace appears to be picking up. Does the enemy smell blood in the water? Or see a white flag in the air?

Ahmadinejad announced that Iran will have the bomb in a few months, after reminding us that Israel's days are "numbered". Swell.

And I see that the Demos are recognizing the power of the "Blue Dogs" and the great "center", nominating in great Senate moderates like Reid, Durbin, Schumer, and Patty Murray. And that champion of justice and moderation, Patrick Leahy, is now in charge of the Judiciary Committee. That'll teach those evil Republicans a lesson. Don't worry, because in a generation we might have a chance to nominate another conservative to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the High Nine on the Potomac will be run by Anthony Kennedy and a bloc of four liberals. And the remedy to this morass? Maybe another Harriet Miers, if we're lucky.

Just where do they put these holier-than-thou oligarchs when they retire, any way? Oh yeah, on the Iraq Study Group. Are you kidding me?! Sandra Day O'Connor? Maybe the report will come out on one of her conservative days. I don't know. I guess we can at least be happy that John Paul Stevens is not on the thing.

Hey, but all is not lost. I mean, Hillary claims that her health care "reform" proposals are back. This might stir the nation's free-market and liberty-loving soul. We'll see.

And I see that Nancy Pelosi is backing a nice slate of "Blue Dogs" in the House for leadership. Looks like Alcee "Impeach This" Hastings is going to lead the House "Intelligence" Committee. Henry "Canyons for Nostrils" Waxman claims he doesn't know where to start first in investigating various government abuses. And John "ABSCAM" Murtha (who says his opponents are "Swift Boating" him, aka effectively telling the truth about his past) is going to fight that wascally ol' Wepublican culture of corruption as the new Majority Leader.

If these professional crooks are the answer, what is the question?

I bet they end up overreaching and behave as the lefties that they are. If so, they'll eventually get spanked. Last time the Demos got drunk with power, Bill and Hill led the lemmings over the ledge in '94. We can hope.

Yes, things can always get worse ...

And I'm not planning on sitting back and taking it. This conservative doesn't care much for the victim role.

This reminds me: There are important Republican leadership races in the House on Friday. I emailed my representative, Kevin Brady, to urge him to support some new conservative blood -- Pence for Minority Leader and Shadegg for Minority Whip.

Programming Note: I will return in one week as we prepare to give thanks.