Thursday, November 30, 2006

From Russia, with Love

In the spirit of posting quickly since I can't do so on my own computer ... here is a note that I located and thought you might find informative, given the furor over the alleged poisoning of various Russian officials who have gotten crosswise with Putin's government:

To Whom It Concerns,

Let me be first to respond to allegation that Russian government, even run by KGB, would poison dissident or opposition political leaders. This is spurious charge, likely started by agitators and Neo-Cons. America's own commentator and former President Pat Buchanan said this charge likely is from the Jews.

So, I would say that we should step back and realize that every one gets a little radiation trace at time to time. Now, between us, if we were talking taking ill with a cold or such, say maybe after catching winter chill in the forests, then may be different story.


Yuri Andropov