Thursday, November 30, 2006

From Russia, with Love

In the spirit of posting quickly since I can't do so on my own computer ... here is a note that I located and thought you might find informative, given the furor over the alleged poisoning of various Russian officials who have gotten crosswise with Putin's government:

To Whom It Concerns,

Let me be first to respond to allegation that Russian government, even run by KGB, would poison dissident or opposition political leaders. This is spurious charge, likely started by agitators and Neo-Cons. America's own commentator and former President Pat Buchanan said this charge likely is from the Jews.

So, I would say that we should step back and realize that every one gets a little radiation trace at time to time. Now, between us, if we were talking taking ill with a cold or such, say maybe after catching winter chill in the forests, then may be different story.


Yuri Andropov

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brother, can you spare a laptop?

Sorry for the missing blogger, although I note that the world continues to turn. Perhaps I shall post soon, but I am in the midst of a perfect storm of life, work, and lack of laptop.

But we press on ...

Feel free to discuss here, and I will chime in when I can. I had a great experience speaking to an 8th-grade history class today, so perhaps if I get the opportunity I will comment on it.

In the meantime, feel free to comment here freely. Not that you don't any way, but just sayin' ...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving: A Message to an American Upon Waking

As we celebrate this authentically American and Christian holiday, I am reminded of some reasons for us Americans to be thankful and to Whom we owe thanks. In that spirit, I offer the following encouragement and wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving:

Message to an American Upon Waking

If your eyelids opened this morning, thank God.

If you can see, taste, hear, or feel, thank God.

If your eyelids opened this morning and you found yourself in America, thank God.

If you awoke this morning in a foreign land but America is your home, thank God.

If you can go to worship services when and where you choose, thank God.

If you can worship freely and in the quietness of your own soul, thank God.

If you have known some one whose faith made a difference in their life, thank God.

If you have known some one whose faith made a difference in your life, thank God.

If you have ever seen beauty that cannot be adequately described, thank God.

If you have ever experienced a wonder that cannot be fully explained, thank God.

If you can dream, thank God.

If you want to dream again, thank God.

If you can enjoy a good meal today, thank God.

If you have enough money to do at least one thing that brings you joy, thank God.

If you have a job to do, thank God.

If you don't have a job to do but want one, thank God.

If you have a family, thank God.

If you have children, thank God.

If you have a friend, thank God.

If you have some one to spend time with today, thank God.

If your children have driven you mad but you're still not over the edge, thank God.

If you have seen at least one child begin to "get" it, thank God.

If you see your children becoming better than you were and are, thank God.

If you have known some one who caused you to reach for excellence, thank God.

If you have your health, thank God.

If you are sick but long to be well, thank God.

If you have gone through a trial and found yourself stronger on the other side, thank God.

If you have thorns in the flesh but are still pressing on, thank God.

If you have blown it and not gotten what you deserved, thank God.

If you have blown it and gotten what you deserved, thank God.

If you've lived your life such that it's not filled with regret, thank God.

If you've ever needed the chance to start over and got it, thank God.

If you can keep the faith when all around seem to be giving in, thank God.

If you've ever lost faith in yourself but found that some one else still believed in you, thank God.

If you have found joy in living outside yourself, thank God.

If you have been brought joy by others living outside themselves, thank God.

If you are angry and despair over the evil in the world, thank God.

If you have seen sorrow and despair but can still believe and hope, thank God.

If you have found the courage to do what is right when the heat was on, thank God.

If you want to be courageous the next time the heat is on, thank God.

If you can vote, thank God.

If you want to be able to cast a vote, thank God.

If you can comprehend the blessings of liberty such that your life is changed, thank God.

If you have lived in freedom for one day, thank God.

If you have the opportunity to serve America, thank God.

If your way of life has been defended by strangers who volunteered for the privilege of doing so, thank God.

And if you can't think of something for which to thank God, think again.

If you can pray, thank God.

See you next week.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If you think things can't get worse ...

Just stick around.

I've always been amused by those who advocate change because things are just so horrible, so unspeakably bad, that we can not do any worse.

Aw, come on. Live a while. Things can always get worse in this life. Conservatives should know this.

Have you noticed? What do you make of the spike in violence in Iraq? It was bad before the election, but the pace appears to be picking up. Does the enemy smell blood in the water? Or see a white flag in the air?

Ahmadinejad announced that Iran will have the bomb in a few months, after reminding us that Israel's days are "numbered". Swell.

And I see that the Demos are recognizing the power of the "Blue Dogs" and the great "center", nominating in great Senate moderates like Reid, Durbin, Schumer, and Patty Murray. And that champion of justice and moderation, Patrick Leahy, is now in charge of the Judiciary Committee. That'll teach those evil Republicans a lesson. Don't worry, because in a generation we might have a chance to nominate another conservative to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the High Nine on the Potomac will be run by Anthony Kennedy and a bloc of four liberals. And the remedy to this morass? Maybe another Harriet Miers, if we're lucky.

Just where do they put these holier-than-thou oligarchs when they retire, any way? Oh yeah, on the Iraq Study Group. Are you kidding me?! Sandra Day O'Connor? Maybe the report will come out on one of her conservative days. I don't know. I guess we can at least be happy that John Paul Stevens is not on the thing.

Hey, but all is not lost. I mean, Hillary claims that her health care "reform" proposals are back. This might stir the nation's free-market and liberty-loving soul. We'll see.

And I see that Nancy Pelosi is backing a nice slate of "Blue Dogs" in the House for leadership. Looks like Alcee "Impeach This" Hastings is going to lead the House "Intelligence" Committee. Henry "Canyons for Nostrils" Waxman claims he doesn't know where to start first in investigating various government abuses. And John "ABSCAM" Murtha (who says his opponents are "Swift Boating" him, aka effectively telling the truth about his past) is going to fight that wascally ol' Wepublican culture of corruption as the new Majority Leader.

If these professional crooks are the answer, what is the question?

I bet they end up overreaching and behave as the lefties that they are. If so, they'll eventually get spanked. Last time the Demos got drunk with power, Bill and Hill led the lemmings over the ledge in '94. We can hope.

Yes, things can always get worse ...

And I'm not planning on sitting back and taking it. This conservative doesn't care much for the victim role.

This reminds me: There are important Republican leadership races in the House on Friday. I emailed my representative, Kevin Brady, to urge him to support some new conservative blood -- Pence for Minority Leader and Shadegg for Minority Whip.

Programming Note: I will return in one week as we prepare to give thanks.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Veterans' Day Redux

Was a busy (typical) weekend around here. I got the USMC colors up on Friday for the Marine Corps' birthday, and we had the "normal" chaotic evening. I forgot what happened ... oh, yeah ... we got kids home, pizzas arrived, a storm blew through. Did we watch TV? I fell asleep ...

But what about the colors?

It bothers me when people do not show respect to the flag. I am always heartened to see the flag flown. But one thing we see a lot is people leaving it out at all hours. The American flag is to be lit, if it is flown at night. Same thing for the USMC colors. They are supposed to come down at night. I have driven in the car with my kids on a few occasions and spent a lengthy amount of time on the soap box about failure to treat the flag properly.

But on this Friday night, it got away from me. And I had become "one of those", you see.

Well, there we were heading out the next day for a busy Saturday ... baseball tryouts, driving lessons, back to get stuff done at home, scramble, etc. As I headed out, I saw the USMC colors flapping in the breeze on a beautful, crisp Veterans' Day. And it bothered me that I hadn't put up the American flag. Veteran's Day is a day for the Stars and Stripes. As my boys and I left for the day, I griped out loud at myself for leaving the USMC flag up overnight.

Then another blurry day sped past. The sun went down and Saturday was coming to a close. Man, where do the days go? I was out in the garage milling around and picking up various remnants and possessions. I straightened the javelina head.

It was dark now.

And then I saw my 16-year-old son walking up the driveway toward the garage.

He was bringing in the USMC colors.

And my negligent frazzle had led me back to hope ... again.

Friday, November 10, 2006

10 November 2006: Here's to the "Old Corps"

Another year, another Marine Corps Birthday. As the years roll by, I am more grateful for having worn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.

Looking back, it was a crazy leap for me to sign up. What was I thinking? I had a cushy law job lined up at a big firm in Houston. But something was missing. I have talked before (last USMC Birthday, in fact) about the influence of my uncle. There was my dad, too, the squid who taught me to revere the Marines. I don't know. I just had to make the leap.

It's still the best professional decision I ever made. I can't even think of what is #2. It doesn't matter.

I will remind you again that I am no war hero. There are lots of new ones these days, in the USMC and our sister services. There are old ones who are still around, too. And I love every minute I get to interact with them. Heck, it's the best part of this blog gig for me. They all have my heartfelt thanks and deepest respect.

But I was just a Marine. That fact remains good enough for me.

The Corps stands on three pillars -- dedication, brotherhood, and tradition.

I learned early and often that the Corps is about dedication to God, Country, and Corps. Marines are not ashamed of these things. They talk openly of their affection for their God, their nation, and the USMC that serves it. They are throwbacks.

And although they may get into fraternal scrapes, Marines love each other unashamedly. The greatest fear that every Marine lives with is that he may let down his brother Marines.

I remember when we lived on base at Camp Pendleton. The sense of community at 216 Dolphin Drive is something that I cherish to this day. It was an amazing place where race, color, status, even faith didn't divide us. We were all just green any way. We were Marines and Marine family members. We Marines went and did our jobs on the base. Some deployed. And when we were home, we watched each others' homes, each others' kids, and we supported each other as the Gulf War came and went.

One of my neighbors, a Cobra pilot, crashed and was killed near Kuwait after Desert Storm ended. He was one of the finest men I have known. He left behind a young wife and child. I was haunted by wondering how such great men could die so young. The Marines have seen a lot of this, though. A few months later, another neighbor who was a Huey pilot, was also killed. Our court on Dolphin Drive mourned together. Still we understood: Marines took leaps then.

They continue to take them now.

That's part of the tradition, the history. Once one is imbued with the rich history of the USMC, a near-magical force propels the new Marine to defend and guard that tradition, and to uphold it at all costs, and even build upon it.

I used to joke that the "Old Corps" began on the day before you signed up. But we all knew we rode on the shoulders of those who went before. They paved the way. They made the history. They earned the grudging respect of the Germans and the moniker "Devil Dog" in WWI. They landed on Guadalcanal when WWII was in doubt. They raised the flag on Iwo and died a few days later. They slogged away in Viet Nam when much of the nation had forgotten what honor and duty were.

And tonight they will be patrolling and standing watch in Iraq ... when many in the nation again ponder things that Marines never question.

So, here's to the new generation of Marines, who are riding on the shoulders of those in the "Old Corps" who went before. You are doing the nation proud.

But I'd like to dedicate this post to the "Old Corps", to those who went before ... to those who answered the call when history was not yet made and when the country didn't appreciate your sacrifice. I will never forget.

Men like faithful reader and commenter-extraordinaire Mark showed the way. Thanks for the view and the perspective.

And I'd also like to thank those who love the Marine Corps and share the Marines' unrelenting commitment to the nation. Yes, this is the Marine Corps birthday, but the USMC belongs to America.

As I've said before, lots of nations have marines, but there is only one U.S. Marine Corps.

Semper Fidelis.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Libertarians are odious and to be scorned, and other lessons from Election '06

After letting the election digest for another day, I have a few thoughts. First, it still doesn't taste good. I never thought that the losing leads to winning theory had much merit. I still don't. Funny, I can't many successful people who believe that losing necessarily leads to winning, either.

But things will get better. The sun came up again today, making it two days in a row since Tuesday. Still, the opportunity for mischief in D.C. has now increased dramatically. It's already underway, with Nancy Pelosi correcting Brit Hume by stating that "victory" in Iraq is not the objective, but rather, "solving a problem". Wow, I feel encouraged already that she is in charge and those evil Republicans are gone. Remind me: Who gets punished when Demos are in charge?

I enjoyed very much Don Surber's comment that people had "fired the amateur crooks and replaced them with the pros." No kidding. Don's sentiment underlies a lot of my thoughts, that is, that the nation opted for curing a nagging ailment by replacing it with a deadly disease.

So, without further delay and in no particular order, here are my random thoughts as we thankfully and finally put the '06 debacle to bed:

Perfect Storm -- A lot of people are trying to crystallize what happened around a single theme, such as Iraq ... or corruption ... or the Demo strategy of nationalizing the elections in this political environment ... or the Republicans losing their way. In my view, it was a perfect storm of all of the above and then some.

Indeed, the level of corruption on the part of Republican officeholders was high. For sure, some, such as the Delay indictment fiasco, was cooked up. But there was some "there" there across the board. Plus, there were a number of open seats in the House, and Iraq, and an Admistration unable to coherently explain its position on Iraq, and the Republicans' seeming contentment to govern as moderates after campaigning as conservatives. Plus, there was the natural six-year itch. It was all of this. Still, I think conservatism (or rather the lack thereof by the Republicans) was the biggest factor.

But Conservatism is Alive and Well -- I know some of you don't agree, but conservatism is alive and doing fine. Ask Harold "My Lord and Savior, the Gun is in the Pickup and We'll Meet You at the Redneck Bar" Ford in TN. Harold kept trying to outflank Corker on the right until Corker woke up and started telling the truth to voters. Demos won in the House with a wide array of conservative Demos whose platforms would be called fascist by the Kos-Stitutents, had these Blue Dogs not paved the way for Pelosi and Co.. Demos looked up and found Republicans afraid to behave like a majority and explain their views, and the Demos accordingly moved to outflank them on the right. Conservatives need to be able to explain their views and aggressively defend their position. Absent the conservative case being made by Republicanss, Demos moved to fill the vacuum, particularly in the Midwest and South. This was smart politicking, but it will be interesting to see how it works out for them in the majority. By the way, the "non-generic ballot" was actually 51-46.5 in favor of the Demos.

Consider, too, that in PA, pro-life Bob Casey kept his mouth shut and won. In VA, Webb the novelist ran to the right of Allen, who was content to make it a personality contest. A number of Republicans turned out alright, and they voted for Webb. In 7 of 8 states, gay nups were nixed. AZ made English the official language and outlawed giving punitive damages to illegals. J.D. Heyworth's opponent campaigned as tough on immigration and took advantage of J.D.'s Republican colleagues failure to do anything on immigration. Affirmative action was shot down ... in Michigan. On the Demos' side, a few minimum wage initiatives passed. Say, I wonder ... what does all the foregoing say to the pocketbook first-and-only conservatives?

The Candidates Matter -- People look at elections and tend to discount the human element, but it counts for a lot. In VA, George Allen essentially gave up his seat via a horrendous campaign that didn't campaign enough on conservatism. Instead, he seemed content to go personal and made news only by breaking out Webb's disturbing novels (didn't he know that porn rallies the Demo base?). But seriously, Republicans who get outflanked by Demos on the right lose. Demos who get outflanked by Republicans on the left win. What does that say about the location of the almighty "political center"?

And speaking of candidates, let me say a word about the only remaining Republican (really RINO) congressman, Christopher Shays of CT. You know, Shays is a mess. But he knows how to campaign. One blogger (I forgot who) said that he likes a guy who knows how to swim with a knife in his teeth. When all of the Foley garbage (and it was garbage) was flying, Shays responded to calls for Hastert's head by pointing out that "no one had died" as a result of what Hastert had done. Shays fought back, rather than trying to make nice with those who were engaging in demagoguery. He won. He may be a RINO, but any politician who has risen up and stuck a harpoon in that tub of goo named Kennedy (particularly in New England) is alright with me.

To win, Republicans need to understand the opposition and fight to win.

Link Chafee Lost -- That's a good thing. The only reason, and I do mean only, for him to have won would have been to preserve a Republican majority. RINO's generally end up hurting the party's conservative majority and depressing the base turnout. And Mike DeWine lost, too. I was pulling for him, but ... at least he went down being most known for preserving the Democrats' right to filibuster Republican judicial nominees. McCain and his cohorts in the Senate, as much as any Republicans, are responsible for the new Demo congressional majority.

But ... Santorum, Talent, Steele, Allen, and Burns also lost -- People who rejoice at housecleaning for housecleaning's sake are morons. A lot of of good people got washed away in the Demo flood. This is what happens when Republicans are elected by a conservative base and certain senators from AZ and their ilk appease the opposition rather than their own voters.

A Majority for a Majority's Sake is Worthless -- This is what the Republicans have learned now, and the Demos will be faced with this problem soon. Like I said a few days ago, if a disasterous immigration bill comes out of a Demo congress, it will be Demos who are responsible ... not Republicans. Remember every one that Pres. Bush wanted "comprehensive immigration reform" this year, but a House Republican majority stopped him. People who thought they might punish Republicans for inaction on immigration are probably going to see some action from this Congress.

This reminds me: Things can always get worse -- The quest for perfection in this life is futile. The admission of imperfection in oneself and others is the road to real progress. Yes, the Republicans spent too much. Yes, they did not stand up and defend conservative principles loud enough and long enough. A Republican Senate, though, confirmed two conservative Supreme Court justices, cut taxes, supported the war with Militant Islam and passed the Patriot Act. And when it tried to go too far and pass McCain's disasterous immigration bill, Republicans in the House stopped it. For those conservatives that didn't like the Republican Congress, get back to me in a couple of years.

Libertarians and Other Perfect-Church Third Party Types Should be Allowed to Attend Meetings But Should Not be Allowed to Vote -- In Montana, reliably conservative Conrad Burns was defeated by the leftist Tester by 3,000 votes. I looked at the vote total and learned that 10,000 blazing idiots provided the margin of victory by voting for the Libertarian candidate. Why? Well, it seems they wanted to be heard. I think I did hear the faint cries from Big Sky on Election Night: "We're idiots!!! Look at us!! Do you hear?! We're making a stand for stupidity!!" It appears that the Conservatives on Drugs were upset about the Patriot Act and its potential limits on their freedom. What?!! It seems that these lads didn't realize that Tester can't and won't do anything about the Patriot Act. But he can hold them upside down and shake every last coin out of their pockets. Maybe some porn and/or pot will fall out, too. But to Tester and the libertarians, that's okay. It's the hypothetical freedom, baby. So, now we get Harry Reid and Co. setting the Senate agenda. Surely, that's better for liberty.

Here's what you need to know about libertarians and their third-party kinfolk and so-called "independent" types of all stripes ... you know, those too high and mighty to ever associate with a political party: They believe they are either too virtuous or too smart to work with or for a political party. Truth is, they are neither virtuous nor smart. In fact, they lack common sense and should sit out elections until they get some. In wartime, these perfect-churchers can get Americans killed if they are able to affect elections. Sound harsh? Well, a Demo Senate awaits and we will have no more conservative SC justices for the foreseeable future. You can thank the libertarians in MT for that. Elections are won by gaining majorities and forging coalitions. Finding a half-dozen disgruntled likeminded rejects does not qualify as a coalition.

Finally, my political political strategy remains the same -- Redstate put it well in a post this a.m.: "We remain committed to being conservative first and Republican second. We also remain committed to being a part of the Republican coalition, which is still the best vehicle to advance the conservative agenda." Amen and amen.

Random Thought -- Please promise never to come back to the site again if I ever write, "Heh" (other than this one occasion and/or to deride those who utilize said phrase).

Now, back to business. I see the sun is predicted to rise again tomorrow. I'll be.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Newt Gingrich for President

What do you think? One thing is clear to me: We need a leader in D.C. who can articulate the conservative vision as Newt did in '94 . We haven't had one like him since. That giant sucking sound in you hear in Washington is the vacuum created by the absence of conservative leadership. The No-Con (there's a moniker for you ... the no-cons) Vac sucked up a whole bunch of nasty stuff last night and laid a huge pile of ghost terds right in halls of Congress.

I hope to have final statement ... maybe I should do a press conference? ... tomorrow on the election debacle. I saw that flat-topped leftist, taxaholic Tester in MT laughing in a brown shirt and red tie today and I just about blew a gasket.

Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer all hugging and smiling? This can't be good.

Tough night, to say the least. Silver linings can be found on another day but it's time to admit ... it was a wave. Republicans got their butt beat.

The hardest losses for me are Santorum and Steele. They were great candidates who can hold their heads high. Losing Jim Talent, too, is a big loss. In another year, these three would have almost certainly won. I also hate to lose George Allen, even though he ran a a very poor campaign that focused on personal issues rather than the issues.

So, it's back to being the minority in both the House and Senate ... absent a miracle comeback in Montana.

It will be interesting, to say the least, to see what voters ultimately think of the change they requested (and got). Hard to see immigration getting better now, for instance, absent some one in the Senate growing a spine. Interestingly, if a disasterous immigration bill is passed now ... it won't be just the Republicans' fault.

And what about our troops in the field?

And what about our enemies? You have got to know that they are happy. I am sorry, Demos, but that's the way I see it.

In the end, my main concern is still national security. We are about to find out how important it is to have Pres. Bush in the White House.

There are silver linings, but we can talk about those another day.

But as I said yesterday ... it's morning now. The sun comes up and we move on.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nov. 7: Morning in America

This particular morning, I'll be seeing the sunrise at a Texas polling place. Oh, but it won't be mine. If you've been reading, you know that I have already voted. But I do miss the electricity of going to the polls on an important Election Day. So, I'm going.

In fact, I'm going to the polls in the TX-22 congressional race. I will be there at Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas when the polls open at 7 a..m. I won't get to vote (alas, only Demos vote where they are lot legally able to do so), but I am going to help with passing out literature. Yes, it's true. It's been many years since I did this. So, why am I doing it this year?

Well, I took a little stock today to see just what I have done this election season and why. I've given money to specific candidates, such as Diana Irey who is gamely running for Jack Murtha's seat in PA, and Rick Santorum, one of the very best senators around (maybe this explains why he is in trouble), and to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

I also gave money to Shelley Sekula Gibbs, who is running as a write-in candidate in TX-22. Shelley is running for Tom Delay's old seat, and would be running away with this race had she been allowed to be on the ballot. But Demos, doing what they do best (obfuscation and specifically, election by lawsuit) sued to make sure that she wouldn't be on the ballot after Delay withdrew. It's the only chance they have here.

I also gave money to the RNC and to the Republican Senatorial Committee. This is an important election. Still, it wasn't enough.

I also made some GOTV calls from the cell phone yesterday. Even though it's not my cup of tea, I called voters in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, and ... in TX-22.

Why am I telling you this? Well, in part I want you to know that I am walking the walk. Also, I provide you with the foregoing to explain why I still wanted to do a bit more.

I just had to get out there to mix with the voters and be on the scene for what I think may be one of this election season's big surprises. I wanted to help pass out literature to help voters navigate the maze created by Demos to get a Republican elected in this conservative district.

Why? Well, I like Shelley. She is a true-blue conservative. Plus, every seat counts in this election year. Also, I saw this district as a symbol of the MSM's arrogance and presumptuousness about this whole election. Texans are stubborn, and generally don't appreciate people telling them about their decisions being foregone conclusions. Plus, there is a feeling (grounded in fact) that Demos unfairly created the advantage in TX-22 they now claim to be insurmountable.

You see, the main reason I am heading out to TX-22 today is: I want to be be on the ground helping Sekula Gibbs' team pull off one of the year's big upsets.

So, think of little ol' me tonight when you see the libs furrowed brows on TV trying to figure it all out. I have never believed the Demos would steal TX-22 just because a write-in candidacy was required. Sure, it's a long shot. But hey, Demos are the dummies. Republicans will largely figure it out. I have always believed this, in spite of the fact that TX-22 remains on every "expert's" list as a "Demo Takeover".

In the bigger picture, whatever happens today (and get ready for shenanigans, false reports, leaked bogus exit polls and the like, and just ignore them and forge ahead and do your duty), the world will continue to turn.

We conservatives know that government is not the end-all, be-all. But we also know that it is important. We also know that as people are imperfect, there are no perfect solutions. So ultimately, we come together for the good of the country.

And in the end, this is what it's about -- We love the country too much to stand by and let it be run by people we don't trust to defend it.

Because we're conservatives, we also know that whatever happens tomorrow, it will still be morning in America on Nov. 8.

I'll talk to you then.

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Monday. Do you know where your generic ballot is?

Maybe these guys trampled that generic ballot. Were they on it, any way?

Wishing I had more time to pontificate in this interesting time. It appears that Demos are a little less confortable both prognosticating and pontificating these days.

There are a couple of areas where the Demos remain in apparently control, most notably the PA and OH senate seats. But the elephant herd appears to be on the move everywhere else. It's interesting and fun to watch.

If the Republicans hold the House and Senate, I hereby declare a blog party lasting the remainder of the week. To some, such a result has seemed stranger than science-fiction in this 6-year-itch of an election year. I don't know, but alls I do know is this ... If we keep the Demos from taking the House and Senate this year, the Demos will likely implode and cannibalize each other for the foreseeable future.

Oh, the fun we can have.

More thoughts later. In the meantime, I would encourage you all to do what you can in your sphere of influence to ensure that the Demos do not take control of either the House or Senate.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So I guess we won't be seeing any more photos like this between now and Nov. 7?

That's too bad, because the wonderful picture of Sen. John Kerry snuggling up to his pal Jim Webb, the Demo candidate running against George Allen in Virginia, communicates a lot of information. Thanks to Dan Riehl for pointing the way to the photograph.

To me, Kerry's comment that our troops in Iraq are "stuck" because they didn't work hard in school is far more than a slap at their intelligence and education levels (about which he is factually wrong).

What Kerry was saying is that what the military does now, and has always done (at least as far back as Viet Nam), is really meaningless work. That's right. An appropriate interpretation of Kerry's remarks would be: "Why don't you lesser-educated types go be a trash man or something? Or a convenience store clerk. At least then you can contribute something of value to the country."

This is the real slander and outrage. To make such a statement in a time of war is, well, something we've come to expect from the Democrats by now. It's unfortunate, to say the least, but the Democrat base is on the other side.

For some time, I've argued hard that Republicans should circle the wagons in this election year and leave intra-family squabbles for another day. Why? Because the stakes are simply too high in these times to let Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, et al. have power. Yesterday, Kerry made my point ... and added an exclamation point.

He has been campaigning hard for Democrats. He has been working for Jim Webb in VA, and he was heading to PA to campaign for Bob Casey, Jr. He has been campaigning for a Demo House candidates. No more. Kerry has gone ghost the day after Halloween.

But where are his friends?

I would like to say a word about one of them -- Jim Webb in particular -- as well as other assorted former-military imposters like John Murtha who run as Demos and attack the President and the war with supposed impunity because of their prior service.

No Marine would give Kerry's comments a "thumbs-up". No Marine would seek higher office by stepping on the backs of his comrades and of America's finest.

No Marine would let a candidate or party paint political billboards with the blood of America's warriors.

I could care less if Webb won the Medal of Honor in Viet Nam. Webb has forfeited the title "Marine".

He is a scumbag worse than Kerry for not standing up immediately and denouncing Kerry's remarks. Webb should have run to a microphone and blasted Kerry far worse than Republicans have. But he didn't. Why not? I guess the problem for Webb and his ilk is that (as the picture shows) he is really in a warm embrace with the Demo base. It really is more about Demo power, not the nation. It's sick like Webb's books.

Let's be honest, people: Demos do not like the military. But meanwhile, they vote against the Patriot Act. They vote against listening to jihadi phone calls. They vote against trying jihadis in military courts. They call our troops the equivalent of Hitler. They equate Abu Ghraib to the Soviet gulag. They consistently run down our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their actions help the enemy.

Who do you think the jihadis want to win the election next Tuesday?