Monday, October 09, 2006

One more time ... All you need to know:

N. Korea claims a successful nuclear test over the weekend, our troops are engaging militias in and around Baghdad, 50,000 rally against Chavez in Caracas ...

And the Demos want to push the Foley petal to the metal.

The Democrats will get us all killed if they gain power in these times. The truth needs to be told, the base needs to be rallied, and we need to fight like an army of Lee Atwaters to make the Left pay for their irresponsibility and insanity.

We don't need to play dirty like they do, i.e., by knocking candidates off the ballot after it's too late to give people a real choice. We just need a hard, fast blitz ... of the truth. It's better than garlic, crucifixes, and daytime for sending the Demos into a panic.

Even Mr. Peepers finally seems to be getting the message. Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio (not one of my faves, for sure) looks really good these days, esp. compared to Sherrod Brown. And I am shocked, but happy to see that Ohio Republicans are laying the wood to Sherrod Brown.

You want to see an ad, people? This is an ad. (h/t to Redstate).

Also, I must share this fumble from Tennessee (no, I am not talking the Volunteers or Vince, either) ... Harold Ford apparently slipped and claimed that he is a lawyer when he's not.

This is a minor fumble, certainly, but still his Republican opponent needs an attack dog, say some one like me, who is a lawyer but could recount a story of when he was in law school (true story) ...

I remember when I was a second-year law student and a friend of mine had just passed the bar. I was a wise guy and I went up to my buddy and asked him how it felt to be the scum of the earth.

He just laughed and said, "You know there's only one thing worse than being the scum of the earth ... and that's to aspire to be the scum of the earth."