Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Motivation: A Quick Mid-Week Thought

Work/life intervenes, so I decided to post this little snippet on this gray, fall Wednesday.

Fast forward two weeks ... it's the day after the midterms, the historic "tidal wave" election that was to sweep Demos to power once again so that they could begin their investigations in earnest and their impeachment proceedings (Pelosi's recent backtracking notwithstanding ... and just why is Madame Pelosi backtracking on such a needed service to republic, and with such an unpopular president and war? But I digress ...)

So, it's Nov. 8. We turn on CNN. Some of us only watch when bad things happen to Demos/Lefties/Same Things, for we find pure, unadulterated enjoyment at watching these wise arbiters of events split at the seams with rage ... a fury directed at the hapless and hopeless American voting public. And on this day we see a very dour, serious Wolf Blitzer interviewing the supremely erudite Bill Schneider. Here is an excerpt:

Wolf: Well, Bill ... How did this happen? The Republicans were supposed to lose, to be doomed. What led the public astray? Will there finally be the much needed investigation of Diebold?

Bill: (opens mouth, but nothing ... silence)

Wolf: Bill, you had the Demos taking the Senate and with a 15-vote majority in the House. (voice rising, perhaps for the first time since not being picked last for his Red Rover team in grade school) For the love of God and the sake of all things decent, man, how could this happen?!! How could you let this happen!!!

Bill: (staring in silence)

Wolf: Bill, do you think Hillary Clinton can change things in '08? What can we hold on ... What can Democrats hold onto as something, a silver lining?

Bill: (finally rising, with a wry smile ... he begins ever-so-slightly swaying, is he? yes, he's softly ... singing?) When the dog bites ... when the bee stings ... when I'm feeling sad ... I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't ... feel .... so ... (trailing off)

Wolf: (stares in silence)

Bill: (stares in silence)

Now, that's news. And that's motivation.