Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey, I got a question ...

Some one help me out here. I mean, I thought that we just wanted to get information to the people ... I know, some things get overlooked by the MSM, like the disturbing passages in Jim Webb's books and the continued violence and rioting by French "youths" ... but, okay, I will be serious now.

Really, one wonders what the MSM is doing in skewing polls. What good does it really do? Check out what a "16-point" Casey lead in the Pennsylvania Senate race really looks like. Be serious. Casey may very well win in PA, but never by 16.

And in Maryland, the Washington Post does a "hit poll" on Michael Steele. What gives? Again, Steele may not pull it off, but this margin is ridiculous.

I guess the idea is that such one-sided poll results are supposed to fire up the side of the leader and vice versa. There is probably something to that, but in a mid-term year where turnout is lower and more of the hard-core partisans turn out, I think such efforts have little of the desired effect.

Furthermore, conservatives and Republicans are so suspicious of polls at this point, especially after the '04 exit poll debacle, that I think biased polling actually tends to encourage Republican turnout and focus conservatives' natural sense of duty to prevent a liberal runaway.

In thinking about it, though, my view is that a good portion of the bias in the polls we see is basically just good old-fashioned bias without an ulterior motive. That is, liberals in the MSM polling affiliates see a world that is (or should be) populated by higher percentages of Democrats. In their view, this is especially so six years in to the dreaded, evil, and clearly-incompetent Bush Adminstration.

To me, the interesting thing about the foregoing is: The MSM bias that informs their polling efforts ultimately helps the opposition, and thereby perpetuates the MSM puzzlement with the country's electorate.