Monday, October 16, 2006

Another 10 Inches of Rain ... People Boating to Work ...

So what else is new around here? There would be no people at all in this part of the world, but for the invention of the air conditioner. It's a gray day. If you're wondering where all of the water in the world went, it's all falling on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Days like this are reminders about perspective, which I talked about in my 15-, er 20-minute blast on Friday.

In Iraq, Muslims continue to prove that the biggest threat to Muslims are other Muslims. Here, an important election approaches that will affect how America's war with Militant Islam fares over the next two years. A lot is at stake.

Over the weekend, another October surprise started to leak out regarding a potential investigation into Rep. Kurt Weldon of Pennsylvania. Weldon is at times at odds with the White House, but still the Demos know who their real adversaries are.

In Florida, Democrats are suing to prevent voters from being informed that under Florida election law, Mark Foley's votes will go to Joe Negron. What is the problem with voters being informed of election law? Did I miss something?

But ... What do you expect from a party who prides itself in disqualifying as many miltary absentee ballots every election cycle as they can?

What do you expect of a party who keeps its William Jefferson (the cashcicle maker) of Louisiana on the ballot?

What do you expect of a party whose chief Foley inquisitor and Speaker-to-Be shows up in a parade with a member of NAMBLA?

What do you expect of a party that is so stridently leftist that it expels a reliable liberal and former VP candidate Joe Lieberman?

Indeed, what do you expect of a party who has to lie to the American public about what it really believes and conceal its cavernous emptiness with bogus Republican scandals that pale in comparison to its own misdeeds?

As I have mentioned here before, I really like a theme that the Republicans are hitting hard this election season: It's a choice, not a referendum. Most political themes don't work, if for no other reason than the fact they're written to be captured in soundbites and marketed to the masses. But this one rings true because it is. Whatever one thinks about Republicans, things could have gone far worse the past two years and they will likely go far worse the next two years if Demos gain control. These times are too serious to take such a chance.

Rush made a good point on Friday: The people that really get punished or "sent a message" if the Demos win are us. I don't know about you, but I don't deserve Demo rule. Maybe San Francisco and N.Y. City do, but I don't. And our troops sure don't deserve it.

I am heartened because it appears that conservatives are figuring it out, too. My ol' pal Dan Riehl has been hard on the Republicans, and I have shared a lot of Dan's concerns, too. But Dan has been hitting it hard for Republicans as we head down the stretch.

And I like the Big Lizard's spirit, too.

I think the rain is slacking.