Friday, October 20, 2006

15 Minutes of Friday Fame: Part II

Okay, here I am on the clock. It's Saturday, but hey ... It's time for fifteen minutes of insightful commentary ... well, fifteen minutes to get this post done. How about that?

First the important stuff: Congratulations to the Cardinals and the Tigers. I'm an Astros fan, and am happy to see our fellow National Central rivals in the Series. And you have to pull for Jim Leyland, who has done a fabulous job as the skipper of the Tigers.

Most of all you have to love both teams for sparing us another Subway Series. Ah, but the media, pundits, and "pollsters", if you will decreed that an all-New York World Series was a foregone conclusion. Of course, a lot of these media types live in the New York area and are Yankee and Met fans.

So, the media were fans and they created huge expectations for their teams: Win or your season is a failure. This charge is a bit more unfair for the Mets, whose pitching staff was decimated. But the Yanks clearly collapsed under the crushing weight of expectations.

It was so sure, and now it won't happen.

Speaking of which, I guess the MSM has now convinced itself and its friends that a Demo takeover is a foregone conclusion.

But is it? I am sensing Demo insecurity and momentum shifting back to the Republicans.

I am hearing the whistling in the graveyard by the MSM/Demo alliance about conservatives staying at home. But are they? The comments I have read from conservatives indicate to me that most understand the stakes in '06 well.

I think the supposed mass of disaffected conservatives who will sit out the election is largely overstated.

Rather, I think that we are seeing, and will see, Demos begin to break down and falter under the weight of the extraordinary expectations they have set for themselves: Sweep into power in the House with a significant majority, or else. Take the Senate, too. Republicans can't win. Blah, blah, blah.

Republicans are better organized, better funded, just better. They'll show up. Some will stay home, but the same will happen with some Demos, too.

So, it looks like the debate is coming back to national security and Iraq. That's fine with me.

I mean, around the country, it's obvious, obvious, that all pro-Iraq War candidates are doomed. Speaking of which ...

Lieberman, who was dumped by the Demos basically because of his position on Iraq, has opened a 17-point lead in Connecticut. Over at Daily Kos, the Demo Kos-Stituents treat this race like the crazy old uncle. They just don't talk about it any more. Hey, you anti-American lefties, you ought to try talking out your problems. This way you can get better. Never mind.

See you next week.