Monday, September 11, 2006

You might not remember this intersection ... but I do.

I am talking about this one. It's got a traffic light, and it's in a nice part of suburban Houston.

It's a pretty place, nestled in the towering pines and oaks. It's right around the corner from where I used to live.

I'll never forget it. I was sitting here at the light, waiting to turn right when I clicked on the radio to see what was happening five years ago ... today.

ABC was still trying to piece it together. A plane had hit the World Trade Center. It looked as if it could be terrorism, but who knew at this point.

I recall one reporter remarking how this would be a "test" of the new President. Politics, always a political angle with these people, I thought.

Over the course of the day, politics faded, though. And other things started to come into view.

The events of five years ago changed many things. For me, it took some time for the full impact of what had happened to make a new landing zone in my conscience.

But I was changed. This was not insignifcant, for my view of the world had been well-settled for many years. So, what happened? This social and economic conservative became a national security-first conservative. This is not to say that my prior views were changed, but circumstances dictated a change of emphasis.

I made new friends ... people like Ed Koch, Phil Hendrie, Zell Miller, and Joe Lieberman. They made new friends, too.

Ultimately, the events of 9/11 stoked a fire in me that became this blog. With my days in the military behind me, I now do my little part here to defend America and her friends ... protecting national security, preserving culture, promoting liberty.

Today, I hope we remember how the tragedy and sadness of 9/11 led to the unity and resolve that we saw at the service in the National Cathedral ... Pres. Bush with the bullhorn ... Congress spontanteously singing God Bless America ... and the lightning-quick response in Afghanistan.

Once again, for a time, politics ended at the water's edge. It was wonderful to behold. And our enemies quaked as the sleeping giant awakened.

But will we forget? Rather, have we forgotten? Have we forgotten the Americans falling to their deaths from the WTC rather than being burned alive? Have we forgotten the maniacal jihadis who would kill us all in the name of Allah? Have we forgotten that our chief offense in the eyes of this enemy is our insistence upon living in freedom?

Some may have forgotten.

But as I remember where I was when I heard the news, I will never forget.

Indeed, I will remember. And I'm teaching my sons and daughters to remember, too. And I'll tell every one who stops by here to remember ... to love this country and those who defend it ... to do their part, however small ... to never forget ... and to never, never, never give in.

We look back today. And we look forward to victory tomorrow.