Thursday, September 07, 2006

With #1 on the line, I'll be sitting close enough to see the whites of their eyes.

The "eyes" I'll be staring down are not those of the Ohio State Buckeye football team, but rather their fans. I'll be there Saturday. Our seats at DKR-Memorial Stadium in Austin are precious feet from the visitor section, so I will be there to lead, er prevent, any fracas from breaking out.

I understand that Austin will be inundated with Buckeyes (what is one of those, any way? Is it a sweater vest?) and there may be as many as 20,000 enemy fans in the stadium on Saturday night. So, they may be behind our lines and all over. It should be interesting. Why?

Well, the #1 Buckeyes are playing my beloved #2 Longhorns. Yes, the Longhorns are defending national champs, but they are still ranked behind the Bucks. That's because we have gents like Buckeye Head Coach Jim Tressel voting for his team as #1 and then telling the media that he voted for the Longhorns to be #1. Seems Coach Tressel got caught (I always suspected that Mr. Rogers get-up of his was a cover), but it doesn't matter.

It will be settled on the field. Should be an outstanding game.

But will there be action be in the stands, as well? I hope not. To my alma mater's credit, there have been numerous communications designed to keep emotions in check and urge the burnt orange horde to refrain from retailiating against Buckeye fans for their disgraceful behavior in Columbus last year.

Here's how one writer described the Buckeye fans in the wake of last year's debacle: "Ohio State's fans are the most classless, obnoxious and embarrassing idiots I've ever experienced." Apparently in Columbus, even women wearing opposition colors are fair game for pushing and shoving. Nice.

Friends of mine who went to the game said nothing they had ever experienced (A&M, Oklahoma, drunk Texas Tech fans at night) even came close. It particularly got ugly when the outcome was sealed.

So, we'll see how it goes. If a battle breaks out, I will be the overweight guy in the burnt orange shirt volunteering to get delivered overhead -- by hand -- by the Longhorn faithful into the Ohio State section/mosh pit. But seriously ...

I hope that we kill them with kindness (sort of) in the stands, and then that the Longhorns take care of business on the field, just like last year.

In the end, I predict a fun time in Austin, with the good guys winning ... by 11.

Yes, I am going to make this prediction in spite of the fact that the Longhorns are going without their best coverage DB, Tarell Brown. It seems that Tarell was sleeping in a car at 3 a.m. with marijuana in the car and a loaded gun on his lap ... allegedly. Good call by Mack Brown to suspend him. The team will be fine.

And I am going to predict that we'll win the battle of the fans, as well. That is, we won't pick on their women and behave like hoodlums. The Bucks have got a couple of women in the secondary, I hear. So, we'll chat with them instead.

I will report back next week on whether the Buckeye goons behaved, and if not, what happened as a result.

So, yes, the "Eyes of Texas are indeed upon them, and they can not get away."