Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What did we do before blogs?

All manner of scandal was ignored. Fake documents were routinely foisted on an unsuspecting public. Previous careless words were of no concern.

We were against the blogs before we were for them.

But now, bored bloggers, often clad in nothing more than boxer shorts, peruse the backgrounds and old photos of political candidates to discover all manner of horribles.

And due to their efforts we have even discovered that some senatorial candidates once sported a full, flowering unibrow. Yes, a unibrow.

Who does Casey think he is, a vain, spoiled brat of a candidate for public office? Never mind.

But seriously, on balance it's a very good thing to have so many sets of eyes on politicians and politician-wannabes. It makes for more hiccups and gaffes during each election season, but it also allows for recovery.

Plus, the conservative "eyes" have it ... not the brow, if you know what I mean.

More information ... and more freedom ... is good.

Sometimes it's just good for a laugh. And sometimes even the laughs can be informative and remind us of just what kind of person seeks office. Remember this?