Monday, September 25, 2006

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Wow. If you haven't seen the Donk-in-Chief's interview/blown gasket with Chris Wallace of Fox News, check it out.

Wallace asked for Pres. Clinton's reaction to the claim that his administration had not done enough to capture or kill Bin Laden pre-9/11. Clinton then launched into a tirade, accusing Wallace of airing a right-wing "hit piece".

In watching the fiasco, I actually felt sorry for Clinton. He is a sad case, and he provides more proof that not even being president is enough to fill an empty soul.

Clinton embodies all the worst of our enemies caricatures of us -- he is supremely selfish, cowardly, childish, weak, irresponsible, and temporally-minded. Ironically, though, Clinton is disrespected by such a large portion of Americans precisely because he does not represent the nation.

As history makes clearer and clearer by the day, he was way too small a man for the office he occupied.

Clinton told Wallace with a straight face that he was "obsessed" with Bin Laden. Come on. I was alive and paying attention in the 1990s. I remember Clinton being obsessed with Monica Lewinsky and chasing her around the Oval Office.

The funny thing is that Clinton could largely diffuse the controversy over his administation's pre-9/11 inaction by stating the obvious: While he was president, no one thought Bin Laden and his ideological soulmates possessed the combination of evil and lunacy necessary to pull off the 9/11 attacks. People would understand.

But with his angry denials and multiple lies in the Wallace interview, Clinton simply highlighted what we all know and remember -- he was too busy protecting his legacy and reputation to make any bold moves at all, much less take on the terrorists, while he was president. Instead, he passed this problem on to Pres. Bush.

Clinton deferred while he could, and his conscience appears to be reminding him of that fact. Pres. Bush doesn't now have the luxury of deferring the tough decisions for another day.

All of this reminds of the narcissistic vapidity of the Clinton years ... and why it is so important that Clinton's Demo soulmates do not regain power in these serious times.