Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ohio St. 24, Texas 7

Well, it was a disappointing ball game for the home team, but the Buckeyes were impressive indeed. Texas made mistakes, but Ohio State capitalized. It was the reverse of last season. And Troy Smith is the real deal, for sure. He played a fantastic, flawless game. Ohio State is a well-coached, fantastic team. They are worthy of the number one ranking, for sure.

So, we Longhorns dust ourselves off and move on. A few things break right and ... maybe a rematch in the title game on January 7? Let's make it best two out of three.

And about those Ohio State fans. Things went very well. There was a little of this and that, but for the most part it was all in good fun. I mean, those red dealie-mabobs on the Ohio St. band hats are just begging for commentary. Are they roses or what? We've won two Rose Bowls in a row, not them. I think we get some say in that regard. And a Buckeye is a nut, I learned. The horrah.

A couple of Ohioans who were somewhat obnoxious discovered they were in the wrong seats about midway through the second quarter, prompting some commentary regarding their involvement in the Ohio voting "confusion" of '04 as they looked for their correct seats.

All in all, I think that the market had its say and the expense of a trip to Austin weeded out those responsible for last season's treatment of Texas fans in Columbus.

I was proud of my alma mater and our fans, though. They were boisterous but good-natured. Texas fans showed both the passion and the friendliness that is Texas.

I just wish the football team hadn't been so giving and gracious.

Below are some photos of a great day in Austin with my sons ...