Friday, September 15, 2006

The mornings are actually cooler around here now ...

so I guess I can really start to think about the election. A part of me doesn't want to look at the horror and incessant preening of all the candidates, but look I must.

For the stakes are high.

As I said on Labor Day, I think the predictions of the the demise of the Republican Party are somewhat premature. What we are seeing now is that people pay more attention in fall and the bluster and gushing of summer is fading. Don Surber notes the shifting autumn winds.

Meanwhile, I got a kick out of the post over a Wizbang Politics about the sequel of Darth Swift Boat returning to terrorize unsuspecting Demo congressional candidates by telling the truth about them.

The game is on.

But the struggle with Militant Islam isn't a game. That's what's at stake in this election.

Jim Addison at Wiz. Politics has a succinct battle cry for the '06 election: "The Democrats are liberal idiots who will attempt appeasement with Iran and terrorists, to raise taxes, and to impeach the President."