Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Harry Reid Can Become Senate Majority Leader

If Greenjeans really wants to be Senate Majority Leader instead of whiner-in-chief, he should find the nearest mike (yesterday) and say the following:
"I would like to take this opportunity to condemn in the strongest terms the comments of Hugo Chavez at the United Nations this week. As you know, we Democrats have had strong disagreements with the President on foreign policy, in particular the War in Iraq and in pursuing a more effective war on terror. I personally believe that the President's policies in these vital areas have been misguided and have not made America or the world safer. But he remains the President of these United States; Pres. Bush is the leader of the country I love. I will not tolerate a foreign leader coming to our nation and calling our President a "devil" and openly wishing for American defeat. This crosses the line of all appropriate debate, and it is clear that Mr. Chavez has placed himself on the other side in America's war with Islamic extremists. As such, Mr. Chavez should know that he has an enemy in the Democratic Party. For we are Americans first and always."
But don't worry. It won't happen.

If G-Jeans got loose made such a statement of support for the President or ... the United States of America ... he would find himself getting the Lieberman treatment and the Kos-Stituents would be sending him California bagged-spinach salad.

The problem is that the Demo base believes (although they won't say) the following:
"See? We're right, after all. Wasn't that classic? First, Iran's president lays into Bush, and then Chavez is up there holding up copies of Chomsky's book, which we've all got on our nightstands, by the way. I mean, we don't believe in the Devil, but if we did, he would certainly be just like Pres. Bush. So we take issue only slightly with Pres. Chavez. We concur, if you will. Bottom line: It was way cool to see other foreign leaders carry our water and say the things about Bush and America that we would love to say ... but the voters won't let us. So, we just comment on Daily Kos. Gosh, it's nice for us to be validated for once. JUST ONCE!! Do you hear ME?!!!! Breathe. Deep. Yes ... that it. America just doesn't get it. We are tired of America telling us we're wrong. We're right!!!! And we win every election, regardless of what the vote tally is. We hate Bush and the people that voted for him. #$@%! morons!!! ... that majority of America!! Yeah, that's right, morons. We are right, dammit!! Pres. Chavez said we were, so we are!! We hate most of America. We'll show them once we're in charge. Halliburton!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! They stole Florida!!! Ohio, too!!!!! Pay, they will!!! Ah!!!!! @#$#%!! #@$%$^&!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!, etc." (tirade continues)
Photo of Hugo Chavez -- (D) Venezuela courtesy of AP.