Thursday, September 28, 2006

The forecast: Bravo Sierra rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

I am shocked ... shocked ... shocked!!! ... that the N.Y. Times is pronouncing how well that Demos are doing and now it looks like they will probably take the Senate, too. Never mind the fact that the winds have shifted; that never stops the leftist propaganda merchants from doing their thing.

I am still confident and upbeat. For one thing, it looks as though the focus of the midterm elections is going to stay on national security all the way to the buzzer. This is good for the Republicans, but more fundamentally it's good for the country. National security remains the issue.

On the political landscape, there are a number of dicey spots and races, for sure. But Mehlman is a genius and is ginning up the Republican Attack Machine as we speak. Those guys are so bad that I don't even qualify. Well, actually I do. But I just do this without even reading the talking points. See, I actually believe a lot of them so I don't need no script.

And I put this stuff out here before Rush and the other talkers hit the air so that they will have something to talk about. See?

Hey, speaking of some fun races to watch. I see that the Demos have indeed found a way to lose a solid blue seat, as Lieberman is up 10 in CT. You go, Joe. And Thomas Kean in NJ looks poised to knock of Menendez. That would be spectacular.

So, Forty days is an eternity in the 24/7-New Media news cycle. Jed Babbin is predicting we'll get 40 days and nights of bravo sierra rained down from the Demo/MSM alliance. I think he's right.

But, we'll see what happens. Alls I know is that with the blogosphere, conservatives now have shenanigan defense (of which we'll need plenty as we get closer to Nov. 7).