Friday, August 11, 2006

Where is Islam's Flight 93?

I was flying yesterday, and most people I came in contact with understood we are in a war.

For the past few days, there has been an an ongoing and interesting debate in the comments below regarding whether we are in a war or not.

Suffice it to say, we are in a war with Islamists. To me, those who say we are not are wilfully ignoring reality in order to uphold a worldview they wish to cling to, the facts be damned.

Every time I wonder and worry that people will forget the stakes, the enemy reminds us ... 3/11 ... 7/7 ... Zarqawi (no longer capable of such assistance), Zawahiri, etc.

Indeed, yesterday most people seemed to understand. They coughed up their lotions, liquids, and such. There were a few complaints, principally from women losing costly make-up and men who probably should have spent some time in the military in their younger days.

But people were generally in pretty good spirits. Flights were late, and lines were long.

People were discussing "profiling". I heard it on the radio, too. The consensus is rising to get serious and rational regarding the threat we are facing. The Congress should address this ... now.

Let's be frank. We've said it before. Certainly not all Muslims are terrorists. This is true, and thank God for it. There are great people in the Muslim world. In fact, it appears that some Muslim informants may have helped to break up the London plot.

But ... but ... virtually all terrorists are Muslims. This is a fact. It's an uncomfortable fact, but the world must face it.

Most normal people unencumbered by either politics or relations with politically-correct institutions have no difficulty in saying this.

We all know it. And we are only endangering ourselves if we don't approach our security honestly. To the extent Muslims don't like the fact that all terrorists are Muslims (or at least claim to be), then they need to police their own and tell us and the world why they are right and how the jihadis have "hijacked" the faith.

What I see is Muslims trying to hijack planes. And the Muslim hijackers claim that they are the true believers. They cite sacred texts to bolster their arguments, and the jihadis claim that Muslim "moderates" are the hijackers of the faith. And shock ... the moderates are not too agressive in trying to "take back the faith". When a serious fight starts, who wants a moderate on their side?

Muslims who abhor terrorism had better get a hold of their faith. If it was indeed stolen by radicals, then how about some righteous indignation and fighting back against the jihadis who are tarnishing the name of Islam?

If Islam has indeed been hijacked by radicals, then where is Islam's Fight 93?

But we Americans can not wait. Indeed, with events like yesterday's, we see more people talking sense.

One guy yesterday (a lawyer even) suggested to me that we should do security like the Israelis. I thought this was encouraging. Of course, my tongue-in-cheek suggestion back to him was that I would like to have the Israelis doing our airport security.

I heard more evidence of progress on the radio, too. It seems we are seeing the President now getting more comfortable in identifying the enemy.

This is progress. Progress, not moderation, wins wars.