Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Demos seeking to burn Lieberman at the stake ...

... ought to be careful, because it appears they have spilled some gasoline on their pant legs.

To me, the Lieberman-Lamont primary looks like a win-win proposition for the good guys. If the polls are correct (again, if), it would appear that Joe Lieberman will be defeated and Lamont will grab the Demo senate nomination today in Connecticut.

In the end, this means nothing but trouble for the Demos. Why? 1) If he loses, Lieberman will likely run as an independent (and win); 2) Demos will waste money in this election season in a blue-state senate race that should and would have been a lock, but for this heresy trial; 3) the Demos will lose one Senate seat that was a lock in the fall. What are the odds that Lieberman returns to the fold, if after being trashed by Demos, he runs as an independent and wins?

Of course, if Lieberman wins, then the nutroots will have been repudiated by Demos. This may set off a Shiite-Sunniesqe "civil war" between Demo factions, while emboldening defenders of the Iraq War inside and outside of the Demo Party.

Surely, Rove is dusting off his hack-o-tron in preparation for the '06 campaign. With the crazies firmly in charge of the Demo asylum, it's heads he wins, tails they lose.

Don't worry, Demos. In the event of a Lamont win, Rove and his minions (that would be scalawags like me) won't argue that we are in a war -- a worldwide one for our very survival -- a war of which Iraq is a part. Don't worry, Rove and Co. won't argue that whatever one's feelings about the conduct of the Iraq War, we have to stand strong to defeat the jihadis. Don't worry, Darth R. won't argue that the Demos are a bunch of gutless, backstabbers who would get us all killed if they ever get power. Don't worry, he, er we won't argue that the Demos are led by a bunch of unpatriotic zealots who hate America and all who would unapologetically defend America's interests. Don't worry, Republicans won't remind people that Howard Dean is really what these people are all about.

There is a way that the Demos could have done it -- there's a way they could have attacked the conduct of the Iraq War but not the justice of the cause or importance of the struggle against jihadis worldwide.

But then again, to do so would be inconsistent with extremism.

Extremists can't help themselves. They behave in extreme ways. They are extremists. They are Democrats.

Extremism is as extremism does.

In a time of war, the only extremism that is not a vice is the virtue of protecting America.