Friday, July 14, 2006

This Christian's thoughts and prayers ...

are with Israel.

Was going to post something light today, but it doesn't seem appropriate.

The pathetic U.N. put forth a resolution condemning Israel when it can't seem to work up the nerve to mention the two-thirds of the Axis of Evil. Are you kidding me?

The European Union condemns the Israelis ... Incredible, or is it?

Michael Medved posted this excellent commentary at Hugh Hewitt's place, explaining the situation and the propriety of the Israeli response.

While the world wrings its hands, here are a few things that seem apparent to me:

1) Israel is winning big, but this is what happens every time that an Arab or Muslim fighting force is directly engaged;

2) The jihadis can be defeated militarily but not by negotiating (perhaps this explains all the hand-wringing by the enemies of Israel);

3) Sovereign nations need no permission to defend themselves from being shelled by enemy rockets;

4) Iran may indeed be fanning the flames to plunge the entire region into war, but ... they better be careful what they ask for; and

5) Times like these remind us of the folly of having weak leftist appeasers in power.

That Israel gets any criticism at all for attacking those complicit in kidnapping its soldiers and shelling its cities is truly remarkable. Such wide-spread criticism of Israel can not be explained rationally.

In contrast, the Israeli response makes perfect sense. To explain just how rational the Israelis have been, Hugh Hewitt asked the following question: "What would Americans demand of the government if scores of rockets from both Mexico and Canada were falling on San Diego and Seattle?"

You know the answer. Hint: It wouldn't have anything to do with a U.N. resolution.