Thursday, July 06, 2006

If you're going to take on America on the 4th of July ...

... don't do it with a Nodong.

Yes, I would be remiss if I let this week get away without commenting on the N. Korean missile launch on 4 July. Very clever those N. Koreans, launching on 4 July. Were they trying to be funny? I mean, the fireworks we launched in the neighborhood made it farther than the "Taepodong" ... or was it the "Nodong"? Oh, my.

They need to get some English-only names for those missiles. Like Chevy had to change the name of the "Nova" when they sold it in Mexico, because to Mexicans the car was simply "It doesn't run."

Just like the NK missiles -- they are simply "unmanly" missiles.

To make NK missile matters worse, I had the very disconcerting experience of hearing Madeline Albright pronounce the "T" missile as the "Typo-Dong" (I think it is pronounced "Tape-o-Dong", and I dare you to try to say it 10 times in a row real fast without laughing). And then she counseled against "making fun of" the NK "missile" launch, proving again that she is a joke. This reminds me, too: Any of you who would return Albright's party (do you remember which one that was?) to power in these times is insane or wishes ill upon the United States. Have I told you this before? Just wondering.

So, in the wake of the N. Korean fireworks show, we were treated to myriad MSM and diplomat types looking very stern, self-important, and worrying out loud about how we could possibly deal with Kim Jong-il. I think they all overblow it for their own purposes. Fret. Wring hands. Repeat. Give me a break.

All of this reminds me, in a very round-about way as usual, that diplomats will never truly solve the problem in N. Korea or in any other place where a despot threatens the world. Only military force, or at least the the fear of its use, will solve such conflicts.

And by the way ... how nice and ironic that the space shuttle entered space on 4 July, too.

In America, we know the difference between missiles and fireworks. And we know when something really doesn't run.