Monday, July 17, 2006

If it walks like a war, looks like a war, sounds like a war ...

it's a war.

Looks like this "violence", as the MSM is describing it, is really the beginnings of an Israeli-led (and incredibly, behind the scenes an Arab-sanctioned) war on both Hezbollah and Hamas.

Signs point to an impending large-scale ground invasion into Southern Lebanon. Look for the NY Times to tell us (and Hezbollah) exactly when and where.

Belmont Club postulates that perhaps Arabs are trying to address the rising Iranian-Syrian influence in the region by tacitly sanctioning the Israelis' actions while publicly expressing dismay.

I think it's too early to tell what the various parties are thinking and what the ultimate end-game is. So, I will sit back and watch.

And I will cheer for Israel. And I won't urge restraint. I will urge them to purge as many Islamic terrorists from the rolls of this life as possible.

Did you notice ... How irrelevant are relativists, diplomats, and appeasers at times like these? The first batch of them were calling on sending some Envoy over there. "Let's talk. Can't we all just get along?"

They completely misunderstand what is at stake for those who would stand in the gap against Islamism. Israel understands.

And, hey, I thought Iran's supreme tie-less leader Ahmadinejad wanted a war with Israel, but when Iranian troops got caught helping attack an Israeli ship and he denied involvement. What gives? This was his moment to shine, to lead his people into war with their "Zionist oppressors".

It seems Ahmadinejad is quick with a knife to the back but not much for looking the enemy in the eye. What is he, a jihadi or something?

All this little putz does is flap his gums. And the hits just keep coming. In his latest bombshell, he said that Israel is "acting like Hitler".

Thus, in an amazing rhetorical flourish, Ahmadinejad managed to show the non-Muslim world once again that he is, in fact, a lunatic while inadvertently complimenting Israel in the Muslim world.

Further venturing into unintended comedy, Iran's foreign minister warned Israel of expanding the war into Syria, predicting "unimaginable damages" for the Israelis.

Did he just deal the Mother of All Battles Card from the bottom of the deck?

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.