Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I return ...

with information re: outstanding (and missing) links. Greetings, all.

First, I want to commend our troops working for public affairs at CentCom. Here is an email note that they apparently sent to those of us who provide a link to CentCom's excellent site:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in supporting the US military and coalition forces serving in the US CENTCOM area of responsibility, by providing the blogosphere with information from US CENTCOM or directing them to our site for more information.

I want you to know your voice is an important one, in keeping your readers informed in what is happening, positive, negative, or indifferent in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest or the world. I thought the Wall Street Online Journal article "Cry Bias, and Let Slip the Blogs of War" by Mike Spector, dated July 26, 2006; Page B1. (Click here.) demonstrates the importance of what blogs provide as a viable voice in America. And what you provide to an audience who is willing and wanting to hear all sides of the story, and make an informed decision based on the facts.

We are looking for new and innovative ways to get you the information you need. Please send us suggestions and comments to better provide you with the information you are looking for in our press releases, website and our newsletter.

Thank you.


1LT Anthony Deiss
Public Affairs Officer
US Central Command

The public affairs crew at CentCom is working hard and getting out more info and press releases. I dropped them a quick note to say thanks. They sent a one word response: "Hooah!" As a co-laborer in the information war, I appreciate their esprit de corps and professionalism.

On another link front, you will note that Goomba News has gone silent and deep again. If and when GNN returns, we'll get the link prominently displayed.

Also, I have discovered (via Wizbang) the Big Lizards blog. There's great stuff there, and I will be checking in regularly.

Regarding the Israeli-Hezbollah battle and the Left's inane mantra of the necessity of a "proportional" response by Israel, check out this tremendous essay, loaded with logic, laced with humor, and liberal with anti-liberalism.

And on a final note ... I haven't forgotten about Pat Buchanan's anti-Israel tirade. I am working up my treatise, er tome, er book, er post. I will get it out there this week, as this subject is going to remain timely for the foreseeable future.