Monday, July 10, 2006

I know there's not much talk about anything but the World Cup Final today, but ...

I will slog on. Did that thing ever end, any way? I know, the beauty, the majesty, the running in circles, the red cards ...

Did some link housekeeping over the weekend, including discovering a whole slew of would-be McCain Opponent supporters who were no longer posting ... or not running the code ... or in one case contemplating whether he was a conservative any more.

So, I cleaned up and cleaned house. It was a Saturday Night Link Massacre. The blogs linked there now want to be there.

Also, did some rearranging/pruning/maintenance and added some new faces to the higher end of the blogroll, i.e., Daily Briefers and Intel Officers. As I have said before, the links do not constitute an endorsement of a particular point of view. If you have read here for awhile, it is pretty apparent with whom I agree/disagree and who may say things a bit different than I do.

But I am a believer in the free exchange of ideas. The blogroll reflects that.

There's a lot to read and take in out there. I moved up Don Surber to a daily briefer because Don posts a lot, and I find his posts interesting, even though I don't always agree. Don is a columnist for the Charleston Daily Mail in West Virginia.

Also, I have added Sweetness & Light as a daily briefer. Check it out, if you haven't already. This is a tremendously informative sight from a true-blue conservative point-of-view. They are fantastic. There is a huge brain(s) driving that train.

Added as Intel Officers are American Daughter and American Thinker. These are two great, serious conservative sites that I think you'll find worthy of your time. Great ideas and American Thinker has great columns, too.

There's a lot out here. Speaking of which, an old blogging buddy from the election days, Dan Riehl, has become a big-timer. He is a great guy, too, and does a super job. He's listed under Intel Officers. Check out his site: Riehl World View.

Speaking of Dan, he recently sent this post with his endorsement of Vince Micco, an Iraq vet who is running against a liberal Demo in N.J.'s 9th congressional district (imagine that, a liberal Demo from N.J.). Vince Micco's site is here.

These are important times, and it's an important election year. It's great to be alive and be on the right side.

Finally, you'll note that Goomba's link is gone. His page now is simply blank, so I took the link down. The rumor was/is that a group of conservative bloggers were/are going to reconstitute the Goomba News Network. If and when they do, we'll get it back up. The link's gone, but I still remember. Ah, and speaking of the Great One ... it's over. Italy wins. Viva Italia, again.